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BERITA PONSEL - Tips Ponsel Identification of Counterfeit Battery.

Battery may have been many false circulating in the market. In fact, there is a battery made false seems original, ie with distempel with the original brand. Then if the seller does not often convince the buyer to purchase the counterfeit batteries that are similar to batteries. Counterfeit batteries have a weakness where the flow is not stable, you can make the battery more often nge-drop. Here are some tips so that the buyer does not terkecoh with counterfeit batteries:

Stop the
Non-original battery can provide the effect of slow performance and damage the device used, and may also have been exceeded so that the warranty is not valid anymore. Ori battery using Seal (Part of the tip of the boundary with the plug) of rubber. Mobile devices that are BM (Black Market) is usually the battery is not so impressed cheaper price.

Check the hologram on the battery
Angle the hologram image in the battery to the left, right, down and up, akan tertampil one, two, three and four-sphere or a dot (dots). When examined again, in a battery that is false, the label is sometimes placed in italics or not uniform. Can be examined also the spelling of text that is in hologram sticker and, as in a battery sometimes there is a false one type of spelling is not correct.

Check the hologram label logo
For example, for Nokia mobile phone, the user should see a hand that is almost brush (connecting hands) Nokia symbol from one angle and the Nokia Original Enhancements logo from another angle. On the counterfeit batteries, the label printing is not too good and a bit blurry. If rubbed by hand, then the text will be easily lost, because the paper prints of the label is made, not from the manufacturer authorized.

Check the seals on the battery pack
Batteries are mostly made in China. So often, the seller adds a seal made in China or KW-1 in the battery pack. Users can ask to the seller, whether the stamp is included with the product or printed later.

Check price
Usually battery false origin China and Taiwan sold cheaper than the original. However, do not terkecoh again and check the physical condition of the battery, because in order to persuade the buyer, the seller gives a price not far different from the original price of the battery.

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