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BERITA PONSEL - Nexian has released the NX-G990 is almost the same as the PDA. NX-G990 mobile phone does not have a keypad, and the screen is just below the Call button, 4 button navigation, and the End call button. Phone Nexian NX-G990 is indeed unique, with just the touch screen to its touchscreen, the display will show the virtual keypad. Just click on "Click" the number akan dituju, and then click Call icon or pressing Call button as usual. Screen NX-G990 is a unique look with a touch of glass casing and metal. Accents in the glass around the screen, looks like relieve and can be used as a glass mirror.

Other interesting facts that form bobotnya light and comfortable when held in hand. In addition to feature touchscreen, Nexian stylus also provides tools that are stored under the mobile phone body. Phone Nexian NX-G990 is also loaded with music, with the choice of catalog Byplay Single Catalog for player settings. Speaker is on the side of the body, on the left side of the camera, which is able to produce the sound loud and clear. Not have the volume keys on the outside, because the volume icon in the display. All applications are in sound control, and one facility 3.5m headset jack on the left side of the body. Meanwhile there is still 2MP camera with 1600x1200 pixel resolution on the right side of the body, without light, and there is a button to open the automatic camera. Meanwhile, vide recorder can record with a resolution of 352x288 pixels. For the microSD card in near the battery, the SIM card, and a mini USB port on the top, without cover.

When dikoneksikan with a PC, can use the phone as a place of storage, modem, or webcam. However, mobile phone Nexian NX-G990 will automatically restart and die, then the PC can see the phone as 2 drives, ie, in the internal memory and memory card from the phone.

Specification mobile Nexian NX-G990:

* Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* Form: Bars
* Dimensions: 105x53x13 mm
* Battery: Li-ion 3.7 V 880mAh
* Standby: 4 hours
* Talk time: 4 hours
* Screen: 2.5 ", TFT, 262 thousand color
* Internal Memory: 75MB
* Additional Memory: MicroSD
* Connection broker: mini USB, Bluetooth
* Internet Connection: GPRS
* Camera: 2MP
* Ringtones: Polyphonic
* Phonebook: 1000 entries
* Features a message: SMS (1000 entries), MMS, Chat
* Application: Camera, Image, Video Recorder, Video Player, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, Java, Games (MahJong, Five ball, Magicsushi), E-Book, Calendar, To Do List, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Unit Converter , Health, Stopwatch
* Price estimate: Rp. 2.2 million

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