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BERITA PONSEL - Hummingbird Samsung, Smartphone Processor. Intrinsity and Samsung have worked together to prepare for the fastest processor that is intended for devices like the Apple iPhone. Processor chip developed by Samsung and Instrinsity based in Austin, Texas is the same as the processor in the iPhone 3GS, the ARM Cortex A8 processor 600MHz. Company to license ARM chip design sparing energy now have started to use by chip suppliers, including Samsung, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.

Fastest chip processor and Samsung's creation is given a name Intrinsity Hummingbird, which later can be applied in the iPhone or similar device. "Samsung to create a Hummingbird in S5PC100 with the design without any changes. Previously, the design is already in S5PC100 iPhone 3GS, and for the next edition of iPhone will have a clock speed up to 1GHz. "Said Tom R. Halfhill, senior analyst of the Microprocessor Report.

Halfhill added that Samsung will use the Hummingbird for smartphone of the future, especially for future Apple devices. One advantages of this chip Hummingbird is associated with the clock speed, something that is not supported in the design of ARM, where the ARM chip speak concerning power efficiency, not high performance.

"However, it has now changed, Design core mobile processor more focused on performance, high clock speed, and energy efficiency." Pillowslip Jae Cheol Son, vice president Soc Development Platform, from Samsung Electronics. Hummingbird In this chip, to obtain the 1GHz clock speed required 45nm manufacturing process, is smaller than the chip that uses the current 65nm process. The smaller, more rapid and more efficient use of energy. Hummingbird chip concept is possible to use the mobile application processor or main processor in the smartphone starting in 2013.

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