To travel with a mobile phone

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To travel with a mobile phone

Following tips you need to know to travel far to use the phone.

- Additional Features of the service
Many mobile phone operators to provide facilities that help at the time to travel, especially if the moment trips are generally made on the day-long holidays such as wordiness, Christmas and New Year and other holidays. Many details such as information that helps place ATMs, hospitals, SPBU, resting place, where the service operator and other places that you need.
Besides physical facilities, there are also other facilities that help you communicate, in general, the service provides free or tariff sparingly for sesame operator, using the facilities of this one you need to consider to save money.

- Bringing a spare battery
For mobile phone with simple features that do not use too much battery power a lot, but it is different if the phone is a phone that brought a lot of additional features and facilities, with the fasillitas will spend a lot of battery power.

- Ready with the rechargeable back-up voucher
Provide voucher refill will help you during the trip, because we do not know when akan akan habis credits, credits may be out at night, while the vehicle can not be stopped for some reason such as the toll in the middle or the condition is 2 hours early.

- Bringing portable changer
When the main battery and backup battery is discharged, with the readiness that you prepare before, of course very useful. Bring portable battery changer in the vehicle to help fill in the back of the phone.

- Using a Bluetooth headset
Using Bluetooth is helping you to travel in, this is to prevent your attention so that does not split in the vehicle in addition to more practical in communicating. Driving a vehicle while holding the mobile phone may be at risk in the safety of you and your family.

- Use GPS
For your first time to travel by car, or have forgotten that the road had passed, the GPS was very helpful in determining the place and location that will be passed.

- Using the navigator
If you travel far with some people, help others you can use as additional information, such as monitoring the condition of the road that will be, listening to the radio to find out the bottlenecks occur.

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