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Tips for dealing in travel

If you are one of the individuals with full mobilization, there is no wrong if you are also always connected with colleagues, family and business patner. One is a blackberry phone can be used when traveling to a foreign country with very easily.

However, be careful with the high costs that appear connected in time to travel abroad if you do not plan ahead. Before you travel, you must make sure your device is setup correctly and you realize that all costs involved.
Examples of Blackberry 8320 with T-Mobile service that allows to connect from various locations around the world. If you plan to stay connected with the Blackberry service with T-Mobile, I suggest you:

1.) Add WorldClass International Roaming to your account before you travel (activation is free).
2.) Make sure your device supports the frequency used in your destination.
3.) Check price in the destination.
4.) Add unlimited International Email for $ 19.99 per month.

For example:

1.) Log in to "My T-Mobile" is an account and select "add services" and click on "World Class International Roaming."
2.) At the T-Mobile website, you can see that the Blackberry 8320 supports the frequency bands: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Then, on the International Roaming page, you can select your desired country on the drop down menu to confirm the frequency of use. Using South Africa as an example, the frequency of 900 MHz is used, so you can see that you're ready.
3.) The same page that International Roaming is used to check the frequency will show you the price for your destination. Once again, I will be using South Africa as an example. Call rate per minute in South Africa is $ 1.49 which is very expensive. However, international roaming charges for text, images, video, and instant messaging for just $ 0.35 per message sent and $ 0.20 per message received. Bonus is that if you have a message bundle or plan, to receive international messages are retrieved from the bundle. However, you send a message while international roaming is not included bundle and you will be charged separately.
4.) Again, go to "My T-Mobile" is an account and select "add services" and click "Email Unlimited International."

WARNING: Access data through your browser, via T-Mobile, while international roaming will incur VERY HIGH cost. T-Mobile charges $ 15 per MB in all countries except Canada ($ 10 per MB), which can really add up. Let's say a typical web page is about 50KB. That means that for every 20 pages of data, you pull down that will be charged $ 15. I have heard story after story about how people are traveling abroad and surfed the same as in their homes, maybe even more because they are looking for travel info, and until the end of the tone on both charge more than $ 1000. Come to the house bill which already total downer.

BE CAREFUL: Disable switch or any application that automatically captures the data, not the push data to your phone automatically.

iphoneIf you have an iPhone, with AT & T data plan is better for data MUCH. They plan to charge additional $ 59.99 per month on top of the domestic voice and data plan iPhone users and offer 50MB of data per month. If you exceed the limit while in the list of countries that have been approved, you will be charged an additional $ .005/KB per kilobytes of approximately $ 5 per MB. If you wander outside the list of approved countries, the cost is $, 010 per KB.

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