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DM77 is not the first dual launch on TV plus analog. But for business TV, DM77 have terpanjang record minus sytlus pen.

China mobile phone features now have a distinctive place in the country. This is because the emergence of two pre-eminent features, the dual analog TV and on the many offered by various brands. Well, one of which is the latest Taxco DM77. This design offers the benefits of mobile phones the size of the big screen, touch screen input system and analog TV with integrated antenna length.

Although the phone is not the first to offer dual on GSM in India, Taxco DM77 features and options to provide new facilities. Some of the completeness of so superior than analog TV is the resolution of 1.3 Mpix camera, stereo bluetooth, FM radio and music player with support for an interesting setting. Even though not classified as a smartphone, DM77 has a feel of class features smart / PDA phone, including stock stylus pen for text input and navigation, as well as the flight mode.

Wide expanse of the screen 3.2 inch (70 x 40 mm) is a distinctive advantage. This touch screen is quite fitting to see the visual display TV, moda, especially in landscapes. To display the variations, DM77 provide 2 choice themes. With the wide screen, 13 lines of text displayed in the SMS can be a visual screen.

There are two keypad available, ie, the conventional keypad ABC and virtual QWERTY keypad. For the second option, the more comfortable using the stylus pen assistance. Keypad is designed with a conventional exposition that is not too large, the sequence is similar to the keypad to navigate on mobile phones in general, has two key Softkey and four-way navigation button.
Testing: Input text SMS with the virtual keypad.

DM77 design problem is classified bongsor, to understand this mewadahi wide expanse screen. DM77 is not designed with the complex design, there are only a camera shortcut button and volume button that can be used for navigation is limited. On the back cover, in addition to the lens kemara, there are 3 pieces speaker mentioned using 3D stereo.
Tests: Opening and closing the back cover, the input of the SIM card and memory card.

Analog TV
Analog TV can store 19 channel list, TV can be visually displayed in portrait moda (limited) and landscape (full screen). Terrible on the visual portrait, you can take pictures on the TV broadcasts that are currently running. Navigation channel can be done quite easily through the red circle button on the keypad. So also is easy to set the volume.

In addition to the resolution of 1.3 Mpix, DM77 also provide the option resolution 240x320 / 240x400 and 160x120 pixels. Provided the camera also features white balance, timer, effects, frames, multi shot, night mode, brightness and zoom.
Note: The photo camera 1.3 Mpix when transferred to the PC, the resolution of the displayed image was only 640x480 pixels.

The visual appearance of the player are simple, but still has a bit graphic. Features include a complete playlist, repeat, shuffle, play background (multitaksing) and Equalizer (bass, dance, classical, treble, party and rock). DM77 not have stereo bluetooth support facilities.
Testing: done playing the song "Jump" from Van Hallen.

Connectivity is a mainstay for the bluetooth and USB. USB port is also used for various functions, ranging from charging, stereo headset, data transfer and file synchronization.

In general, all the features and facilities with the DM77 can operate optimally. Also added the sound quality speaker phone function. DM77 are the antenna length in the class, ie, about 28 Cm. The antenna can not be removed, and not related to the function of stylus pen. This makes the image quality of TV reception good enough. Be pitied, but a little, not DM77 facilities provided on the back pillar buffer covernya.

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