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The author tried to show the prices to buy the phone with the magazines, tabloids and related to the mobile phone to meet the desire of readers. However, because this author limited money, it will be made with the distance within 1 months. And also limited the work of the main authors still make the best attempt to provide for readers. Hopefully this information can be helpful, and prices above may vary due to location, and other stock.

HARGA DALAM RIBU (000) Harga Garansi Resmi Harga Ponsel Second
Rp.300 = 300.000 Mulai sampai Mulai sampai
SAMSUNG B110 Rp340 Rp360 Rp200 Rp270
SAMSUNG B200 Rp430 Rp500 Rp320 Rp380
SAMSUNG B520 IMPACT Rp730 Rp780 Rp500 Rp550
SAMSUNG C130 - - Rp250 Rp300
SAMSUNG C140 Rp300 Rp350 Rp250 Rp280
SAMSUNG C160 - - Rp220 Rp280
SAMSUNG C170 Rp450 Rp500 Rp300 Rp350
SAMSUNG C450 Rp480 Rp550 Rp300 Rp400

SAMSUNG D780 Rp2,400 Rp2,450 Rp1,800 Rp2,000


SAMSUNG D880 Rp3,050 Rp3,100 Rp2,400 Rp2,600
SAMSUNG D900 Rp1,250 Rp1,350 Rp900 Rp1,100
SAMSUNG D900I Rp1,350 Rp1,400 Rp1,050 Rp1,150
SAMSUNG E1110 Rp330 Rp370 - -
SAMSUNG E2510 Rp1,000 Rp1,200 - -
SAMSUNG E200 Rp900 Rp930 Rp680 Rp730
SAMSUNG E250 Rp940 Rp980 Rp700 Rp730
SAMSUNG E590 Rp1,230 Rp1,400 Rp900 Rp1,000
SAMSUNG E900 Rp1,890 Rp1,920 Rp1,100 Rp1,300
SAMSUNG E950 Rp1,850 Rp1,900 Rp1,350 Rp1,450
SAMSUNG F250 Rp1,170 Rp1,300 Rp850 Rp900
SAMSUNG F300 Rp2,150 Rp2,200 Rp1,700 Rp1,750
SAMSUNG F330 Rp1,860 Rp2,000 Rp1,350 Rp1,500
SAMSUNG F400 Rp2,450 Rp2,600 Rp2,850 Rp2,000
SAMSUNG F480 Rp3,900 Rp4,300 Rp3,300 Rp4,000
SAMSUNG F500 Rp3,550 Rp4,000 Rp2,800 Rp3,500
SAMSUNG G600 Rp2,720 Rp2,800 Rp2,000 Rp2,300
SAMSUNG G810 Rp3,400 Rp4,000 Rp3,350 Rp3,500

SAMSUNG I450 Rp2,600 Rp2,800 Rp1,450 Rp1,850
SAMSUNG I550W Rp3,000 Rp4,000 Rp2,500 Rp2,800
SAMSUNG I600 Rp2,920 Rp3,100 Rp2,400 Rp2,700
SAMSUNG i780 Rp3,450 Rp3,750 Rp2,900 Rp3,450
SAMSUNG i8510-INNOV8 Rp6,800 Rp6,850 Rp6,000 Rp6,050
SAMSUNG i900 Omnia Rp6,250 Rp7,050 Rp5,500 Rp6,400
SAMSUNG J200 - - Rp800 Rp850
SAMSUNG L170 Rp1,300 Rp1,450 Rp1,000 Rp1,200


SAMSUNG M150 Rp760 Rp800 Rp500 Rp550
SAMSUNG M200 Rp1,075 Rp1,150 - -
SAMSUNG M300 Rp800 Rp840 Rp500 Rp600
SAMSUNG M3510 BEAT B Rp1,375 Rp1,475 Rp1,000 Rp1,150

SAMSUNG S7330 Rp2,900 Rp3,000 - -

SAMSUNG U600 Rp1,800 Rp1,850 Rp1,350 Rp1,500
SAMSUNG U700 Rp1,950 Rp2,350 Rp1,550 Rp1,800
SAMSUNG U800 SOUL B Rp2,100 Rp2,300 Rp1,700 Rp1,800
SAMSUNG U900 SOUL Rp3,025 Rp3,450 Rp2,400 Rp3,100
SAMSUNG W579 - - Rp2,150 Rp2,400
SAMSUNG W619 Rp3,950 Rp4,000 Rp2,700 Rp3,400
SAMSUNG X530 Rp900 Rp930 Rp600 Rp650

SAMSUNG X700 - - Rp600 Rp650
SAMSUNG X820 - - Rp875 Rp950
SAMSUNG Z170 - - Rp800 Rp890

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  1. Halo Sobat, Sorry baru mampir, lg sibuk mo ujian UTS nih, makasih udah mampir, mampir balik yah..!!


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