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Presumably trends mengusung the mobile phone SIM card ganda, begin to shift the direction of the SIM card more than two. One of the phones that are starting to Taxco DM90i. This has three mobile phone SIM card slot. Two for the GSM network and one for the CDMA network. User can activate three different numbers at once, as the third mobile phone network can be active at once.

In addition to adding capacity patch SIM card, a local mobile phone brand origin is China still mengusung features that already existed. A course for example, a TV tuner, camera, music player and video record. But one thing is interesting, the phone using touch screen technology, the system adopts the screen as the iPhone used. That is, wipe the screen to unlock it. There are also new features such as a business zone, facilities such as security guard and phone facilities to block the phone and SMS messages.

Size of 139 grams with the beat. Of course, such a size slightly less comfortable in the clutch. Material body of plastic material, with only a simple display. Chrome accents on some parts of the body, the less successful effect of this elegant mobile phone. In general, the design still carrying a thick phone features a product of the Chinese mainland.

Ability to activate the three-card operator in the same time is the newest innovation. There are two GSM and one CDMA that can be activated on the phone Taxco DM90i simultaneously. User can choose to enable only some three or active. If the third SIM Card is activated, it will affect the strength of the battery condition.

TV Tuner
Multiformity for entertainment, mobile phone Taxco DM90i already equipped with the ability to watch TV impressions. Image quality when tested try any good. Moreover, if we are in a location high enough to be outside or indoors. Excess features a dibenamkannya analog TV is to have the ability to record broadcast TV, so can enjoy your favorite broadcast repeatedly.

Phone provided with two camera lenses on the front and back. The camera is not on the front of the camera to make video calls. Enabled camera to photograph themselves and at the same time as the mirror. Both kameranya produce a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (VGA). In addition to photos, the camera can be used to record video. Result images can be edited in accordance with the existing facilities.

To make sending messages using the mobile phone operator with three cards is not difficult. When you're finished doing pengetikan message, users will be given the option to send a message using the SIM Card which. Each message of each service have retired folder. Making it easier for users when searching for messages. Character of the SMS message to more than 160 characters.

Bluetooth wireless connection so pledge to exchange files with other devices. To use Bluetooth, the user can access it on the menu Organizer. If the device has found the phone is not in the list, the phone will automatically request a password code. In testing, the phone is often difficult to receive files from other devices. However, when re-pairing is done, the phone can receive the new file.

The existence of the external memory is very important on the phone. Without external memory support, the phone will be difficult to receive files from other devices. In mobile phone sales this package will be provided an external memory of 1 GB. 1 GB capacity be regarded enough to save the file photo, video and music. Phone's memory capacity and external can be seen on the menu File Manager.

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