Taxco DM90

Taxco DM90 blade Taxco is a mobile phone with TV Tuner features that are also dual mode GSM-CDMA. Taxco DM90 have weights that are large. Bodinya dibalut with a combination of metal materials and material dove, which makes no slippage in the clutch time. Taxco DM90 have a big button that allows users to feel comfortable when you access various menus. Results from several test features that diunggulkan by Taxco DM 90 is as follows:

To watch TV impressions, Taxco DM90 have a wide screen beresolusi 240 x 320 Pixels. Taxco in the sales package provides A2DP Bluetooth enabled which can display as a stylus for touch. As a mobile phone equipped with TV Tuner features, the existence of the big screen is very convenient to support the eye.
Testing: Ability Taxco DM90 touch screen.

TV Tuner
When not at home or office, do not worry with lag favorite event features a dibenamkan analog TV on this phone. At the time of broadcast TV in progress, users can broadcast mengcapture into jpg files. To access these features have direct access buttons labeled TV. Antenna on the left can lengthen up to 27 cm. With the internal antenna, this phone can work as a radio player.

Dual Mode GSM-CDMA
No need to carry two mobile phones to activate the two types of CDMA and GSM cards at once if it is using Taxco DM90. Both cards have the button on the access of each to use them. Although at the same time can use two different network, for internet business card can only use GSM only.

Taxco DM90 have a VGA camera on the front and back. Having the two cameras is very easy for themselves to snap photos. Although the two have a camera, this phone can not run in the jaringanm 3G. So that the front of the camera can not be used for video call feature. In addition to splatter image, the second camera work for video features.

No lag also features Audio dibenamkan on this phone is dual mode. This feature can be accessed on the multimedia menu. There is no direct access button to access this feature. To raise and decrease the volume using the number keys 2 and 8. Voters audionya be extremely hard, and when the volume is set up to voice out so broken.

Messaging facilities that can be done with this phone include SMS, MMS, Chat and Message Broadcast. When done typing the message, users are given the option to save the message or to send it. Writing a message using the touch screen a bit difficult, because the font size is small comfort the eye.

This phone has a menu Businnes Affair, who works for mobile phone security. Track application is available to track the phone if lost or stolen, Message and Incall Firewall to block messages or calls from unwanted numbers.

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