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BERITA PONSEL -Presence of a Titan, adds a long list of Chinese mobile phone venture in the country. For consumers, this is an advantage. Because the alternative options become more diverse products. Through the series premiere: Titan T9898, local brands are not only promising features full multimedia tv tuner, but at the same time integrate with the latest dual mode / dual ON.

The concept of combining mobile TV with the latest dual-GSM ON CDMA, is not a new story. Some vendors similar, even has offered garapannya first. Call it Beyond, MyG, Micxon, IMO, Taxco, and several others. On average, models and features on the dole it fairly identical. Well, like where the Titan T9898?


T9898 design is not the only one on the market. If you frequently play to the center perkulakan phone, would surely find the exact same design but from another brand. Call it Taxco DM-90 and Micxon CTV-880.

Naturally, the Chinese patent products business is a bit less good. The important thing is, if there are at least five differences, one could say the product is another. Although the exact physical structure.

Chinese flavor, present in the range of keypad. That is, the keys (*), 0 and (#) placed on the far right column. Another characteristic, namely the presence of shortcut icons at the bottom of the screen that indicates this is a sailing touch phone (touchscreen).

Uniquely, for easy access to tv tuner feature, Titan T9898 quickly pinned a button. Position under the right softkey button, next to the power button.

Because carrying two different networks (GSM-CDMA), this phone also planted two quick buttons to select the SIM card which will be used to call. Peletakannya there on the left side navigation buttons.

Display and User Interface

Surface of the body decorated bongsornya color screen, with large portions. Namely, 3 inches with transmit power plus 262 thousand color touch screen technology (touchscreen).

Business interface (User Interface), Titan T9898 manufacturers rely on the standard model of China. As a result, the overall look of the menu in it quite identical with similar phones. Including the structure and composition of the sub menu derivatives.

Presence of a menu of 'Background play' back to being a point of origin plus a mobile phone bamboo curtain country, in presenting the nuances multitasking. Especially for the music player and FM radio. So, you can still operate the other features such as typing a message, while still listening to music or radio news.

Competitive Features

TV Tuner

Still echoes santernya tv phone, leads Titans to remain a candidate T9898 tv tuner feature. This technology does not seem to have discussed at length again. To note now is the performance problem.

Encompass matters wave broadcasts, this phone's internal antenna is armed with stick models. When dijajal tv show broadcast programs, which posted a picture quite clear and obvious on the screen 'wide' it. Mode screen brightness level settings were well accommodated.

Interestingly, Titan T9898 can capture and store television shows in jpg format, like 800 and Micxon MyG MTV-800.


Titan T9898 second seed in the dual-mode network technology / dual on it. With a sense, two SIM card slots that are available can be inserted two cards from different networks, GSM and CDMA. Cool, two cards were able to work simultaneously on the alias dual / dual standby.

However, although able to 'On' the two, you still can manage only one living. These settings can be found in the Settings menu> CDMA & GSM settings.


Based on the specifications listed in leflet and boxes, Titan T9898 registering magnitude 1.3 megapixel camera for the main. In fact, the maximum size that this model can be achieved only limited 640 × 480 pixel VGA alias. Too bad if this is still applied to the Chinese mobile phone vendors.

Meanwhile, in front of any folder phone with a camera shell instill the same strength.

In addition to branded would deceive, this public victimization would reduce the marketability of the phone itself, can even affect to other brands that in fact the same class.

On the side of quality, photo shots of this phone is still a lot of noise store. Although one has done the maximum setting. In fact, for berpencahayaan where abundant, though the picture looks over exposure.

The ability to create shared video camera T9898. The duration can be arranged rekamnya unlimited, avi format.


As a means of entertainment, this phone includes a music player and video. File format that can be supported by this player include MP3, AAC, AAC +, WAV, AMR, 3gp, mpeg4 and avi.

Similar to most Chinese mobile phone, music player display / video T9898 really was a typical multimedia player interface is full color Chinese. Only, skinnya display a slightly different course.

Other entertainment alternatives, Titan also instilled T9898 FM radio. Presence of internal TV antenna on this phone, just a blessing. The reason is, you no longer need to plug the handsfree connector to simply activate the FM radio feature, like other phones such as Motorola and Nokia. The grasp of any radio broadcast recorded T9898 okay, there was no delay at all.

Other Features

For security affairs, Titan T9898 presents a more diverse selection. Not only antisteal features (anti theft), block calls and SMS and also protect a variety of files can do. This facility is incorporated in the menu 'Bussiness Affair'.

Connectivity and Internet

Just as mobile TV and more Chinese products had been circulated, this phone also includes a nice suggestion reliable connections. There are bluetooth and USB data cable. Lucky, the data cable is available also in the sales package is also well as a charger. One more, with connecting phone + data cable to the PC, camera phones can be used as a PC webcam.

For who wants to surf ria, Titan T9898 has a WAP browser is equipped with GPRS channel. Unfortunately, the display is still the standard browsers, including data transfer speeds seem slow.


Internal file storage space was recorded phone is very minimal, less than 1 MB (195 kb). The capacity of this magnitude would certainly not enough to save various files, especially songs. Lucky, T9898 provides a microSD card slot.


Generally, full-featured mobile phone let alone carry the TV tuner capability plus the presence of two SIM card slot, would require a large supply of super power. Relax, this has been accounted Titan T9898. The phone relies on a lithium ion battery 1500 mAh capacity, as a source powernya.

For once charging, these batteries can be used to watch TV for 6 hours nonstop. Else to call, its power can reach 3 times. Fortunately, the manufacturer adds another one spare battery in the sales package.

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