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BERITA PONSEL -Okay Trikomsel Tbk PT increase earnings target one retail division, OkeShop, up about 25 percent in 2010.

Targets were defined as the belief is still growing mobile phone market (mobile) in Indonesia is still low penetration rates compared to countries in Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Director of PT Telkomsel Okay Tbk Evy Sunaryo, in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Currently Trikomsel, he said, already has about 800 outlets in all provinces in Indonesia that reaches up to the districts and major cities.

The company will continue to develop a range of services that can reach all segments starting from the lower class to upper class because they saw the mobile market and derivative products is still very large.

In 2000, OkeShop owns and manages 40 outlets, and then developed so that in 2004 had 400 stores and in 2006 increased to 564 stores.

In 2007 and 2008 the number of outlets increased again to 707 outlets and 808 outlets are spread in 141 cities in Indonesia, including Jabotabek, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok to Papua.

Evy recognized, more than 50 percent of OkeShop service independent outlets called "store" which is about 500 of the stores and the remaining approximately 200 of the form of small outlets in the supermarket called "island".

To develop a turnover, it is also cooperating with financial institutions and banks in developing mobile phone ownership program.

In fiscal 2007 the company's revenue reached Rp5, and 3 trillion fiscal year 2008 is estimated to reach Rp 5, 8 trillion. In 2009, estimated that corporate earnings could reach Rp6, 4 trillion.

Added to Senior Vice President of Corporate Service Division of PT Tbk Trikomsel Juliana Samudro Okay, according to AC Nielsen data mobile phone penetration rate in Indonesia reached 42 percent. But he believes mobile phone penetration rate in Indonesia is even lower 35 percent.

Strengthen its market penetration in the distribution of multimedia mobile phones and related products by phone, his department was considering developing a franchise.

Okay Trikomsel Tbk PT initially named PT Trikomsel Citrawahana who stood in 1996 and became the official distributor of Nokia. Trikomsel expansion in 2007 to become a distributor of all telecom operators and authorized distributor Sony Ericsson since 1998 until now.

Even now, the company also became the official distributor of BlackBerry in Indonesia.

Trikomsel also penetrated as telecommunications service providers and brought OkeShop brand that combines the concept of multi-brand, multi-operator, and lifestyle stores to be "One Stop Service", so that there is "OK reload" to reload the electronic and "OK Plus" for multimedia download.

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