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K-Touch which features typical touch screen, the mobile phone is now Easy with touch screen. However, the features are complete enough multimedianya. You can find a simple camera, music player, video player, voice recorder and FM radio. Interestingly, there is an alarm adzan so you will not be delayed implementing solat 5 times.

Design and Features Simple
Simple shapes, ie, candy bars with a shiny plastic material. As a mobile phone with a price 500ribuan, the existence of the multimedia features are very basic and you should not expect too much in the camera, video recorder, music player and video player. However, you can find the mode and blacklist filtering redlist to make the incoming phone number.

You can not do, including browsing the Internet each MMS with the phone. To exchange data, you can only do so with the memory card that is provided because the mobile phone feature is not provided infra red or Bluetooth. Very day the memory must be read with the card reader, as there is no sync function data to a PC. USB data supplied can only work as a charger and can not plug into a PC.

There is no shortcut to the camera button, volume or access the multimedia mobile phone body. The only port on the bottom that can be used as a charger and the earphone port. To activate the camera and radio, you must go to the multimedia menu. SHUTTER button the camera must be accessed with the middle 5-way navigator, and so as to adjust the volume, to be activated by pressing the button 5-way navigator up and down. And to activate the radio, you must stick to the hands-free mobile phone.

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