The addition of mobile phone (mobile phone) in Indonesia predicted to reach 20 million units per year

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The addition of mobile phone (mobile phone) in Indonesia predicted to reach 20 million units per year, said Director of Industry Department of Industrial Telematika, Ramon Bangun in Jakarta on Friday.

With the high demand for mobile phones, Indonesia is very difficult to stop the entry of cheaper phone from abroad such as China that is now flooding the market in the country.

Currently, Indonesia has been able to produce such as HP HP MadeInd and Yuwon, but its production is very limited. HP MadeInd new produced about two million units.

According to him, mobile phone or device market in Indonesia will still grow rapidly in line with the extent of cellular network operators covering the whole of Indonesia, both in urban and rural areas.

Two leading cellular operator in Indonesia, namely Indosat and Telkomsel continue to increase investment in the field of infrastructure and network in order to make it easy for residents to interact.

Ramon estimate, the addition of new mobile phone or device number in Indonesia reached around 60-70 million of the circulating current around 110 million and that about 80 million active.

The market feasibility of product production China mobile phone or device, Ramon said the Ministry of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) has set a standard of quality.

Each goods (mobile phone or device) that entry to Indonesia must be registered to check whether the quality standard requirements.

If you meet the quality standard certificate will be given pass marks to be marketed in the country.

He expects industry mobile phone or device in the country continue to grow in the grasp of local market share during this predominantly imported products.

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