measure the stress level in the mobile phone or personal computer (PC)

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measure the stress level in the mobile phone or personal computer (PC). If the stress is often a headache and make lazy to work, the Japanese innovation of this may help alleviate the stress experienced. Now is a good way to measure stress levels in a mobile phone or personal computer (PC) with the 'Fish Bowl Index of mental health', which can be claimed by the author illustrates the status of mind someone to a PC or mobile phone, such as that of dilansir Japan Times.

Fish Bowl Device Index of mental health were developed by Tokai University and Sakurai Co., with the goal that the Index is able to check mental health consumers in daily life so that it can measure the level of their health, with only a few questions. Meanwhile, the detail for innovation 'mind' is not a more detailed explanation of the University concerned, including software that is used both in the mobile phone or PC.

According to Japan Times, user akan stress level represented via a gold fish (goldfish) in a red box-like aquarium fish (fishbowl). If the user stress, the fish will look like injured. The user stress, the level of injury or penderitan fish will grow too. In addition to the fish symbol, there is still another image, sepertiikan black gold to interpersonal stress, the cat symbolizes social stress, while the stone mendenotasikan for other types of stress. Level of depression is shown in the clear water in the aquarium fish box. The higher level of depression, then the water becomes clear that the more turbid.

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