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BERITA PONSEL -Some Future iPhone Features

Want to know the future features that may be invested in Apple's phone tap sailing? Look just a few patents that have been proposed. Although not always come true, patents filed by Apple could be a crystal ball to see the features of future products company.

iPhone 3GS

With File Transfer Call
In a patent, Apple explains how to send files and other data between fellow users who are connected in a phone call. This, if applied, would be easier because no need to stop talking when sending files.

That's not enough, Apple's patent also explains that the data can be sent using whatever means are available. This includes Wifi, 3G or even Bluetooth.

Then, when the data is received, the recipient iPhone can distinguish types of data entry and offers a different treatment. For example, the data can directly contact number is inserted into the phone book.

Position Determining Speaker
Another patent describes how the ability of the speakers on the iPhone can automatically adjust the position of the iPhone. For example, put the iPhone on the table means the sound will be heard loud (speakerphone), but lifted it in an upright position means a normal voice.

Sensor waves are Alive
Another Apple patent describes how a vibration sensor can detect when the phone fell even if the damaged electronic components. This may be used to prevent further damage if the device is dropped.

Of course, not necessarily all of these patents will be realized in a future iPhone. Like looking in a crystal ball, the future may be cloudy but at least we've got the picture.

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