HTC Touch Pro2

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PONSEL - Recently, T-Mobile and HTC announce the presence newest products HTC Touch Pro2. This mobile phone is a very powerful, a stylish device with a touch screen and user interface that can facilitate communication and customer experience of mobile internet stay connected even though, inform and control the work and activities of your life. This device will soon be present in the form of Mocha that is for the customer T-Mobile and marketed starting date 12 August 2009 to come.

This product can be applied to the high-speed 3G Network developed the T-Mobile and Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g). HTC Touch Pro2 offers faster data transmission and web browsing with propular features such as built-in GPS and location-based services. Features a color touch screen 3.6 inch WVGA size that shifted back and sloping upwards to show a full QWERTY keyboard. Screen placed in the perfect position to read and create e-mail, web browsing, application use and play video and games. 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus is also provided for users with an easy way to share photographs and images / video quality and display it quickly.

HTC Touch Pro2 also offers an efficient way for users to set the user's daily activities. Can display the history of activity in both voice telephone, text or email. This phone also features technology Straight talk, the integrated email, voice and speakerphone easily available to respond to a call via email, it allows a conference call from the email group, and easier to change the location of any in the conference room. Straight Talk and send the recorded conversation is enhanced with sound and speaker penimpaan interference with the full acoustic dupleks.

TouchFLO 3D interface newest property HTC integrated into the customization of Windows Mobile version 6.1 to send the maximum consistency throughout the application and the Windows Mobile. This will make it easier for users to view, correct and update the Microsoft documents, access your calendar and set list that must be done. Access to Microsoft Voice Command also simplify the allocation of address book contacts, make phone calls, get calendar information, play music and to start a particular program. TCH Pro2 Touch is also equipped with stereo Bluetooth capability.

On price alone has not been announced so far. And for those who wish to obtain more information about HTC Touch Pro2, you can visit the site While the information service for 3G T-Mobile or see T-Mobile's Personal Coverage Check tool, visit

AT & T Collect Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to in One Application

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AT & T Collect Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to in One Application

Recently, AT & T has announced a new application that is known by the name of AT & T Social Net. Download Free entry and allows the user to access accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace by using only one application only.

AT & T have a Social Net user interface based carousel that allows users to access social networking among existing. With this display can akan / update status, send tweets, view and comment on pictures, profiles and more. This application also includes a reader that will menstreaming headlines from 35 news sites.

AT & T Net Social akan use the notification pop-up to the user. In this case the user know if there is a new message is received or that the content should be displayed. Application is derived from the portal Media.Net, and supports 20 handsets, including models manufactured by LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

PONSEL - Samsung Link meluncurkan Virgin Mobile di Kanada

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PONSEL - Samsung Link meluncurkan Virgin Mobile di Kanada

Samsung Link meluncurkan Virgin Mobile di Kanada
. Jika Anda mencari EV-DO, anda tidak akan menemukannya di sini , menawarkan potret Link QWERTY murah di samping sebuah cam 1,3 megapixel, slot microSD, dan stereo Bluetooth. Jika Anda menyukai , Anda dapat dan ambil sekarang USD $ 99.99 (sekitar $ 92) di prabayar atau USD $ 29.99 (sekitar $ 28) di tiga tahun menangani.

PONSEL - Official Nokia Launches Nokia 5730 XPRESSMUSIC

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Official Nokia Launches Nokia 5730 XPRESSMUSIC

Nokia has just issued a family's newest XPRESSMUSIC equipped with berdesain sliding QWERTY keyboard. XPRESSMUSIC Nokia 5730 music phone is Nokia's first use of berdesain sliding QWERTY keyboard that Nokia claimed to be able to play music for 25 hours nonstop.


Below is a feature of the Nokia 5730 XPRESSMUSIC:
* Symbian OS (S60 rel. 3.2)
* Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
* Available colors include Blue, Red, Pink or Monochrome
* Email, SMS and MMS Messaging
* Games
* GPS receiver with A-GPS support
* Nokia Maps
* Stereo FM radio with RDS
* MP3, MP4, eAAC +, WMA player
* Java MIDP 2.1
* Nokia Say and Play (voice control to music player)
* T9
* Voice memo

PONSEL - LG Chocolate Phone BL40 untuk Q3

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PONSEL - LG Chocolate Phone BL40 untuk Q3

LG hari ini telah nyatakan secara resmi ponsel LG Chocolate BL40. Keempat dari handset Black Label Series menawarkan 4,0 inci lebar layar LCD definisi tinggi 800 oleh resolusi 345 piksel, aspek rasio 21:9 mengaktifkan dukungan untuk melihat video. Dengan layar 4,0 inci ini juga dilengkapi sebuah Dual Screen UI efisien yang dapat menampilkan dua jenis konten yang berbeda secara bersamaan.

LG Chocolate yang baru layar lebar adalah overlaid dengan kaca lengkung dan seamlessly encased dalam menyelesaikan glossy hitam dan merah ikonik highlights. LG Chocolate yang baru akan tersedia mulai Q3 di 54 negara.

Pengumuman hari ini tidak menyertakan versi singkat LG BL40, yang leaked 2 bulan lalu sebagai LG BL42

PONSEL - HTC Mega ROM Software diekstraksi dengan Goodies

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PONSEL - HTC Mega ROM Software diekstraksi dengan Goodies

Info tidak resmi yang berasal dari HTC Mega windows mobile smartphone, semua QVGA smartphone HTC pengguna akan melihat-lihat Goodies diekstraksi dari HTC Mega's ROM. Termasuk Manila 2D versi baru dari HTC ezInput 2,1 keyboard . Anda akan lebih baik ke layar melalui forum thread di forum xda-developer untuk melihat apakah ini kompatibel dengan QVGA smartphone.

BlackBerry 8520

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T-Mobile and Research In Motion announced that the BlackBerry 8520 will soon be marketed in the T-Mobile and Wal-Mart stores beginning August 5 at the upcoming United States. The most important feature of the BlackBerry 8520, that the trackball on the trackpad for optical navigation on the screen.

According to the Rim, the BlackBerry 8520 is also the first BlackBerry with a key media dipersembahkannya. Smartphone is also equipped with quad-band GSM / EDGE, Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and the radio on board. While the other features on the BlackBerry 8520 includes a full QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera with video capture, colokan headset 3.5 mm, and support for microSD cards up to 16GB.

On price alone, dibandrol BlackBerry 8520 is worth 130 USD, or approximately 1.3 million with a warranty and qualified data plan.

Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 HSPA

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PONSEL - Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 HSPA, dengan versi terbaru dari Mobile Hotspot dikembangkan untuk digunakan di mana saja di dunia, dengan berbagai modus operasi, termasuk HSPA, UMTS, EDGE dan GPRS.

Seperti model lain dalam MiFi baris Intelligent Mobile fasilitas hotspot, di MiFi 2372 membuat kecepatan tinggi koneksi Internet yang dapat dengan mudah berbagi antara beberapa pengguna Wi-Fi dan perangkat seperti laptop, kamera digital, perangkat game, Smartphone dan portabel pemutar multimedia. Data dengan kecepatan hingga 7,2 Mbps 5,76 Mbps downlink dan uplink, MiFi 2372 memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengakses Internet kecepatan tinggi dari mana saja ada koneksi selular, termasuk kendaraan yang bergerak di mana beberapa penumpang mungkin perlu akses internet. MiFi 2372 yang juga dilengkapi dengan Novatel milik NovaSpeed teknologi, meningkatkan kinerja video, game online, bersamaan Upload dan download dan transfer file besar dengan sedikit gangguan atau penyangga.

MiFi 2372 yang memiliki aplikasi on-board processor mampu memberikan perangkat lunak aplikasi dan media. Kombinasi internal (ROM) penyimpanan hingga 16GB dpt dikembangkan dari memori microSD dan on-board GPS kemampuan membuat MiFi 2372 yang fleksibel dan kuat platform mampu menjalankan berbagai aplikasi berbasis lokasi dan memungkinkan penyimpanan konten pribadi seperti musik , video dan gambar.

HTC Touch Pro2

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PONSEL - T-Mobile USA dan HTC hari ini mengumumkan bahwa mereka menawarkan HTC Touch Pro2 awal Aug 12. The HTC Touch adalah Pro2 powered by HTC's interface TouchFLO 3D, memiliki sliding QWERTY keyboard, kamera 3,2 megapiksel, bluetooth, WiFi dan built in GPS. Perangkat kapal dengan Windows Mobile 6,1 Namun, ia tidak yakin jika Windows Mobile 6,5 disertakan upgrade di masa mendatang.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone

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PONSEL - Awal minggu ini, T-Mobile USA dan Research In Motion mengumumkan BlackBerry Curve seri, BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone. BlackBerry 8520 Curve adalah smartphone tipis yang datang dalam dua warna hitam melapisi dan dirancang bagi mereka yang ingin terhubung, memberikan kemudahan akses mobile ke email, olahpesan cepat populer dan situs jaringan sosial.

Fitur-fitur utama dari Curve 8520 termasuk penuh QWERTY keyboard dan touch-sensitive optical trackpad, Flash memori 256MB, sebuah generasi prosesor 512Mhz, kamera 2 megapiksel dengan zoom dan video recording, media player dengan tombol khusus media dan 3,5 mm stereo headset jack.

Fitur-fitur lainnya termasuk akses ke aplikasi BlackBerry Dunia, mendukung BlackBerry Internet Service untuk akses hingga 10 account email yang didukung, dpt dikembangkan microSD / SDHC slot kartu memori hingga 16GB untuk dari penyimpanan ekstra dan built-in Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile akan meluncurkan baru smartphone BlackBerry Curve 8520 pada 5 Agustus di toko ritel dan online.

Blackberry 8520 Curve Mobile Phone

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Blackberry 8520 Curve Mobile Phone

PONSEL - Blackberry 8520 mobile phone Blackberry Rim telah mengumumkan handset terbaru mereka. Blackberry Curve 8520 Wi-Fi Mobile Phone, sudah tersedia di pasar melalui Vodafone Inggris. Blackberry adalah simbol dari gaya dan kualitas di kalangan bisnis ponsel di seluruh dunia. Fitur baru ini merilis sebuah kamera digital 2MP, ahli surat fitur, bluetooth, Wi-fi, 256MB flash memory, GPRS, web, dll

Perpaduan yang sempurna dari gaya dan fitur; ini akan menjadi yang baru Curve, Blackberry sudah sentuhan sensitif trackball optik di handset model baru . Ini adalah media bisnis telepon; Di bagian atas ponsel, mereka sudah ditambah dengan 3.5mm headphone socket berdedikasi dan tombol multimedia. disayangkan bahwa 3G memerintah dari perangkat ini. Namun, sekarang rumoured bahwa kurangnya 3G telah mendorong masa pakai baterai pada ponsel dramatis.

Dunia Blackberry , aplikasi yang eksklusif dari Rim portal merupakan salah satu pilihan terbaik dalam ponsel ini. Masa pakai baterai dari perangkat ini adalah layak dan terdaftar sebagai 4,5 jam waktu bicara dan waktu siaga 17 hari. Slot MicroSD juga diberikan pada alat ini untuk kemampuan memori hingga 16GB. Anda tidak perlu menjelaskan tentang tombol QWERTY dari blackberry ponsel, dan kenyamanan juga. Ini adalah level dari ponsel pintar Blackberry. Blackberry Curve 8520 Camera 2MP Telepon datang dengan prosesor 512MHz, dan dapat memberikan akses ke berbagai sepuluh mail account selain dari BB's Enterprise Server dukungan.

Tidak heran quad band adalah sebagai "yang tak ternilai di bisnis telepon yang terjangkau." Meskipun Vodafone Inggris ketat tentang rilis tanggal Blackberry Curve 8520 Mobile Phone .

Tutorial How To Use Indosatnet via Mobile StarOne

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Tutorial How To Use Indosatnet via Mobile StarOne

[How to Use Indosatnet via Mobile StarOne. ] BEFORE Indosatnet use this, make sure that all devices both hardware and software has been installed correctly.

To make a connection on your PC, follow these steps:
Control Panel -> Network Connection -> create a new connection -> New Connection Wizard.

1. Select Next.

2. Mark the option: Connect to the Internet, and then select Next.

3. Mark the option: Set up my conenction manually, then select Next.

4. Mark the option: Connect using a dial-up modem, and then select Next.

5. Mark the option that states the type of modem you use, and then select Next. If not there is this option, you must install the modem device first.

6. Enter the ISP name, for example: indosatnet.

7. Phone number filled with # 777.

8. In the username field, fill in user name IM2 account (prepaid or postpaid) you have. Username must be filled with a domain (@ Fill in the fields password with IM2 account, the password is case sensitive. Repeat the password again in the Confirm password field.

9. Click Finish.

10. To start the internet connection, click Dial.

Tutorial Setting Netac A840

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Tutorial Setting Netac A840

[Setting Netac A840.] You can use the Pocket PC / PDA to enjoy the passionate service Fren.

Services such as infotainment, traffic monitoring, music video clips, and spiritual advice with the use Netac USB CDMA Wireless Modem.

Follow the steps below:
1. Connect the "Netac USB CDMA Wireless USB A840/A840U" with the computer.
2. Double click the icon "Netac Wireless Data Application Center" and will appear the windows application Netac.
3. Click the Configure button.
4. Select "Connection Parameters".
5. Choose one of the configuration parameters to do the dial-up with choosing the view record with the cursor, then select settings.
6. Click New on the "Connection Parameters".
7. Type: Service Name: Netac, Access Numbers: # 777, Username: m8, Password: m8 then click OK.

Mobile VPN for ISP Dialer Setting Through Software:
1. Click the button "Configure" menu on the main window.
2. Select the tab "Virtual Private Network Settings".
3. Type the IP Address or VPN server, Username and Password, then click OK.
4. Check "Use VPN Access" to activate.

Tutorial Setting IM2 Broadband in Nokia N73

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Tutorial Setting IM2 Broadband in Nokia N73

[IM2 Broadband Settings in Nokia N73.] Manual Configuration Settings IM2 Broadband 3,5 G:
- Log in to the main menu on your phone
- Press `Menu entry` and `to` Tools
- Log in to `Settings` and select `Connection`
- Log In to Access `points` and select `Options`
- Log in to access point `New` and select `Use default settings`
- Fill in the following parameters:
- Connection name: Broadband Im2
- Data bearer: Packet data
- Access point name: indosatm2
- User name: (indosatm2) according to registration
- Prompt password: yes
- Password: (prepaid) with the appropriate registration
- Authentication: Normal
- Homepage: --
- Press the menu `` Back to the main menu and configuration IM2 Broadband 3,5 G have been completed.

Tutorial Setting GPRS & MMS in 1868 and Mito 288 GG

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Tutorial Setting GPRS & MMS in 1868 and Mito 288 GG
Friday, April 17, 2009 21:10
[Setting GPRS & MMS Mito in GG 1868 and 288.] FOR Mito 1868, is simple:
1. Select the service menu -> data accounts -> gprs
2. Select a setting (eg, FET GPRS) and press change
3. Enter the parameters according to the operator that is used

- Select the message menu -> MMS -> mms settings -> change the profile (example: MMS FET) -> change the profile.
- Enter the parameters according to the operator used.

For Mito 288 GG,'s how:
1. Select the service menu -> description of data -> gprs
2. Select a setting (example: china mobile phone) and press edit
3. Enter the parameters according to the operator that is used

While the settings for MMS:
1. Select the message -> MMS -> order settings -> change the profile
2. Select a setting (example: china mobile mms) and press edit
3. Enter the parameters according to the operator that is used

Tutorial How to Enable WAP Esia

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Tutorial How to Enable WAP Esia
Thursday, 16 April 2009 21:05
[How to Enable WAP Esia.] Nokia
Setting Wap Gateway
- Type in * # 2769737 #
- Server address / Gateway Settings> Server 1>
- Server address / Gateway Settings> Server 2>
- Username: wap
- Password: wap

Setting the URL
- Press 0 at some length or Select menu Minibrowser
- Usually akan appear first error
- Select the menu
- Select the menu under the most advanced
- Select menu no. 1 setting
- Select menu no. 1 homepage
- Fill with
- Save

- Click the Internet button (the button is blue)
- Select wap menu, and click OK
- Select the browser setup, and click OK
- Select a proxy setup, and click OK
- Select any profile other than the Uni-Info
- Select the homepage (image house), and click OK
- Content homepage, click OK
- Select 1IP, and click OK
- Fill 1st IP 010,177,007,007, and click OK
- Select 1 Port, and click OK
- Content 1port 8088, and then click OK
- Select 2 IP, and click OK
- Select 2 IP 192,168,251,156, click OK
- Select 2 Port, click OK
- Content 2 Port 9201, click OK
- Select a data profile (the list below), click OK
- Select the WAP, click OK

- Menu -> select 2 (internet / SMS)
- Internet / SMS -> select the Internet Setup 5
- Enter password (0000)
- Internet Setup -> 1 Initial URL
- Internet Setup -> 2 Gateway (

PALM PDA Operating System
- Go to "Prefs" and select "Network"
- Create a new Service (palm press the drop down menu button, choose Service - New)
Fill in the following information:
- Service: Esia
- Username: wap
- Password: wap
- Connection: current
- Phone: # 777
- Select Details:
- Connection type: PPP
- Idle timeout: Power Off
- Query DNS (checked)
- IP Address: Automatic (checked)
- Select Done

PDA Windows Mobile Operating System
- Go to Start - Settings, select the "Connections" tab, click on "Connections" icon
- Select "Add a new modem connection"
- Fill the following information:
- Enter a name for the connection: Esia
- Select a modem: Celluar Line
- Select Next
- Fill the number to be dialed: # 777. Select Next
- Fill the following information:
- User name: wap
- Password: wap
- Domain can be left blank
- Select Finish

IM2 Broadband Tutorial Setting in Sony Ericsson K660

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IM2 Broadband Tutorial Setting in Sony Ericsson K660

[IM2 Broadband Settings in Sony Ericsson K660.] Configuration Manual 3.5 G Broadband IM2:
- Log in to the main menu on the Sony Ericsson K660 mobile phone you
- Press `Menu and go to` Settings ``
- Log in to the `Connectivity` and select `Data comm.`
- Select `Data accounts`
- Choose `New account` and `set` Account type as Packet data
- Set the new account as IM2 Broadband
- Fill in the following parameters:
- APN: indosatm2
- Username: indosatm2 (subject to registration)
- Password: prepaid (subject to registration)
- Save settings and return to the `Connectivity` menu
- Select `Internet settings` and go to `Internet profiles`
- Select `New profile` and fill in the name: IM2 Broadband and connect using: Broadband Im2
- Save settings and return to the `Internet profiles`
- With Broadband IM2, select `More` and go to Settings menu ``
- Save settings and into the `Advanced settings` from the previous `More` options
- Save configuration settings and 3.5 G Broadband IM2 finished


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TELKOMSEL Chatbox sepuasnya chat is a service from Telkomsel.

You can send text messages or images in realtime to your friend who is also the chatbox.

How to use Telkomsel Chatbox:
1. Type CHAT ON send SMS to 2467, or call * 899 # and select the menu and select Registration Chatbox.
2. After successful registration, you will receive the following information:
- User ID: 628xxxx number (your phone)
- Note:
- User ID is complete: WV: 628xxx@telkomsel.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Password: xxxxxx (6 digit numbers)
- Link to download the application from your phone chatbox
3. Download ago to install the application on the mobile phone you
- Ponsel small screen (smallscreen) => download
- Ponsel big screen (largescreen) => download
4. Use the access point (access point): chatbox
5. If your difficulty settings for access point, please call * 899 # select Chatbox menu, select Application Settings, and select Settings Automatic. Or, Type S , CHATBOX send to 5432.

Telkomsel Chatbox can also use the default application from the handset, such as IM (at Nokia), or My Friend (in the Sony Ericsson).
Here's how settings:
1. IM applications on the Nokia NOKIA setting:
Log in to the IM / Chat> Options> Settings> Server settings> Servers Options> New Server
2. Enter the following server data:
- Server Account name: Telkomsel Chatbox
- Server / Web address:
- User ID: , for example: 62XXXXXXXXX
- Password:
- Access point / Connection Settings: chatbox
- Auto-login: No

Tutorial service settings Blackberry Push Email

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Tutorial service settings Blackberry Push Email, the user should not have a BlackBerry phone.

The present application BlackBerry Push Email can be applied in a non-Blackberry phones, using the BlackBerry Connect for Nokia.

Mobile-phones that support this service: Communicator 9300, 9500, and E90, Nokia and other E-Series (E50, E51, E61, E61i, E62, E65, and E70).

Panduannya applications and can be downloaded at:

As the steps are as follows:

1. Before download BlackBerry Connect software, make sure check the firmware version of Nokia mobile phones, the (type: * # 0000 #) for example for the Nokia E61 version is: 3.0633.09.04, which then must be downloaded Blackberry Connect 4.0 is the version 7.45.0

2. Download the software into your PC, and enable applications for Nokia PC Suite before installing the software into the Nokia E61.

3. Once installed on the Nokia E61, it will create a folder on the BlackBerry menu. Open the folder, and Select the Settings menu, and enable the BlackBerry service with a change to its menu, and Blackberry Service: ON

4. After the BlackBerry Service in the ON position and the pitch-connect, you can see the PIN from the mobile phone Nokia Device Info menu.

PIN and IMEI are recorded, because it will be useful for the BlackBerry Webclient [BWC]

Prior to enrollment in the BWC do first Registratsi Network Info Service through the menu> and select Host Routing menuRegister Now.

Then do the registration in the BWC [the guides can be viewed in full Create New Account BB on this blog).

Once registered in the BWC can register several email accounts that will be entered into the BlackBerry Connect for Nokia.

Do not forget after the addition of email accounts on the BWC, do the Send Service Books.

5. If successfully received Service Books in the Nokia E61, it will be to create each folder in the email to the Messaging menu.
Menu> Blackberry> Settings> Service Information> Service Books [has terprovisioning]

If all the steps successfully, the BlackBerry push email on the Nokia E61 can be used. Make sure the logo appears on the display signal Nokia, means connected with the server Rim BlackBerry.

However, if only half the logo appears or there is a slash in the logo, the meaning is not / has not been connected with the server Rim BlackBerry, push mail, so can not be used for such conditions.

tips from the automatic settings for each operator,

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PONSEL - tips from the automatic settings for each operator,

Type SMS:
Send To: 3000
Example: GPRS NOKIA 7650

Type SMS:
Send To: 3939
Example: GPRS NOKIA 7650

Type SMS:
Send To: 3939
Example: GPRS NOKIA 7650

Type SMS:
Send To: 9667
Example: GPRS NOKIA 7650

Type SMS: S MerkHP TypeHP
Send To: 5432
Example: S NOKIA 7650

Tutorial WAP & MMS Settings Nokia E90

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PONSEL - Tutorial WAP & MMS Settings Nokia E90

[How WAP & MMS Settings Nokia E90.] Nokia E90 WAP Settings
Go to Menu -> Tools - Settings -> Connection -> Access points
Cllick on Options -> New access point -> Use default settings
Then edit the details:
Connection name: TSEL-DATA
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name: Telkomsel
User name: wap
Prompt password: No
Password: wap123
Authentication: Normal
When you are done, click on Options -> Advanced Settings
Then edit the details:
Network type: IPv4
Phone IP Address: Automatic
DNS Address: Automatic
Proxy Server. Address:
Proxy port number: 8000
Go to Menu -> Services -> Options ->
Access point and the home should be used:
Access point: TSEL-DATA
Homepage: Then
you are ready to browse wap.telkomsel.
com by choosing Menu -> Services or
Menu -> Web

Streaming Settings Nokia E90
Prior to create following the settings streaming
then access point has to be created first
Go to Menu -> Applications -> Real Player
Click on Options -> Settings -> Connection -> Proxy
Use proxy: No
Go to Menu -> Applications -> Real Player
Click on Options -> Settings -> Connection -> Network
Default access point: GPRS-TSEL
MMS Settings Nokia E90
Go to Menu -> Tools - Settings -> Connection -> Access points
Cllick on Options -> New access point -> Use default settings
Then edit the details:
Connection name: MMS-TSEL
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name: mms
User name: wap
Prompt password: No
Password: wap123
Authentication: Normal
When you are done, click on Options -> Advanced Settings
Then edit the details:
Network type: IPv4
Phone IP Address: Automatic
DNS Address: Automatic
Proxy Server. address:
Proxy port number: 8000
Go to Menu -> Messag. -> Options -> Settings -> Multimedia Message
Verify that following settings are used:
Access point in use: TSEL-MMS
Multimedia retrieval: Auto. in home network

Tutorials Through Internet Access Flexi

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PONSEL - Flexi internet access through a communication media to the Internet gateway using Packet Data Access Network (pdn) through a network TelkomFlexi.

Dial up access using a dial number # 777 is supported technology CDMA 2000-1x, which is technically capable of reaching speed 153.6 Kbps.

This service allows you as a customer Postpaid Flexi (Classy) or Prepaid (Trendy), conducting activities in the entire scope of the Internet network service Telkom Flexi.

In addition to charging mode based on the volume of data that has been known for this, Flexi has also launched a charging mode based on the access time (time based).

You can select the desired access mode (volume or time based) at any time and anywhere by simply logging in with the username that was provided to each of the charging mode.

Time based charging mode to apply pelanggang Postpaid (Classy) and Prepaid (Trendy).

Provisioning & Activation
To service this dual mode charging customers do not require activation first.

Customers who already use Microsoft Windows operating system, can access the internet through the launch Flexi pdn to create a new connection to dial-up connection it (add new connection in Control Panel Network Connection).

There are differences in how Provisioning, Charging mode depending on the selected customer as follows:

Charging Volumebased
Activation: Not required (Normally open)
Provisioning: Login & Dial Up Number
Username: @ telkomnet flexi
Password: telkom
Dial number: # 777
Charging: Customers will be charged according to tariff volume / usage data that is used (upload and download)
Round off usage: 1 KByte
Prerequirement: Applicable to customers Classy and Trendy

Charging Timebased
Activation: Not required (Normally open)
Provisioning: Login & Dial Up Number
Username: @ telkomnet flexi-time
Password: telkom
Dial number: # 777
Charging: Customers will be charged according to the length of time rate of access is used by customers
Round off time: 1 minute
Prerequirement: Applicable to customers Classy and Trendy

LG Whistle 2G kulit kerang

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PONSEL - LG Whistle 2G kulit kerang

LG Electronics yang dirilis hari ini telepon 2G kulit kerang di pasar Korea. Dikenal sebagai Whistle, handset yang didukung oleh empat warna berbeda, termasuk putih, gelap navy, hot pink dan langit biru. Whistle ponsel yang menawarkan 115 lampu LED pada panel depan untuk membuat pengguna emoticon desain sendiri. Fitur-fitur lainnya termasuk sebuah mobil diary fungsi, dan secara otomatis layanan roaming internasional di 18 negara. Telepon yang saat ini tersedia untuk 400.000 Won ($ 319) melalui LG Telecom.

Samsung Gravity 2 SGH-T349

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PONSEL- Power network with T-Mobile 3G high-speed, new phone similar to Nokia E75 also offers a quick download and a quick access to the web. Comeback for this Samsung mobile phone at the same time complement the handset 2 aka Samsung Gravity T349 (SGH-T349), equipped with features 20 buttons, part of the QWERTY keypad. Samsung T349 mobile phone-shaped candy bar can be used to access email, Instant Messaging, images, video, and text messages. Samsung T349 has a 262K color display, resolution 176 × 220 pixel TFT type. In addition, there is still 1.3 megapixel webcam, Bluetooth features, support SMS, IM, and email, a speakerphone, and a battery that can survive for up to 7 hours talk time and standby to 300 hours to once charging.

However, the Samsung T349 mobile phone (SGH-T349) this does not have a full QWERTY keyboard, in a sense the first time will be seen that 20 key keyboard with the same SureType keypad, such as the BlackBerry Pearl, and may not all like the layout of the keyboard. Dimensions of mobile phone-sized long 4:49 inch x 1.97 inch wide x 0:53 and inch thick, and weight 3.2oz, making the phone appear slim, lightweight and fit in the hand. In addition, the fusion of design and color of pearl gray lime green look of this phone makes the T349 this atraktif.Samsung present akan through T-Mobile with a price range of $ 15, or pre-paid services via T-Mobile with the $ 99.99 price.

Excess mobile phone Samsung SGH-T349:

* Slim and lightweight
* QWERTY keyboard is pretty partial
* Quality sound good


* Facilities that are less complete multimedia
* There is no access to GPS
* Not all people like QWERTY keyboard with a partial

Specifications Samsung T349 mobile phone (SGH-T349):

* Network: 2G GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900
* Dimensions: 114 x 50 x 13.5 mm
* Weight: 90.7 g
* Display: 2.2 inch type TFT, 256K colors, resolution 176 x 220 pixels
* Features: QWERTY keyboard, polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, speakerphone
* Memory: Phonebook 1000 contact, microSD (TransFlash) 4GB
* Data:
o GPRS Class 10 (4 +1 / 3 +2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
o EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
o Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
o USB v2.0
* Camera: 1.3 MP, resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels, video
* Feature: SMS, MMS, Email, IM
* Browser: WAP 2.0 / XHTML
* Other Features:
o Games
o Java MIDP 2.0,
o Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL
o Organizer
o MP3 player
o Voice memo
o Web2go
o T-Mobile myFaves
o T9
* Battery: Standard Li-Ion, Stand-by 300 hours, Talk time 7 hours

F-Secure Mobile Security

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F-Secure Mobile Security

PONSEL- Tata Communications has been working with security vendor F-Secure, the security services to offer mobile phone in India. Tata Communications will be the first to offer a package F-Secure Mobile Security, including virus protection, malware protection dn integrated firewall, which can be applied in more than 50 million smartphone in India. Software F-Secure Mobile Security is easier for smartphone users to prevent the potential security threat in their mobile phone.

Software F-Secure Mobile Security is present as a file that can be installed or downloaded directly to the user that has a smartphone activation of GPRS / MobileSecurity. aspx or Software is also a lot of support in the platform system such as Windows Mobile, Symbian and UIQ, but also able to provide automatic security with a firewall and regularly update anti-virus. A firewall provides additional security for all mobile devices are often used for public access network, such as Wi-Fi.

Software package F-Secure Mobile Security is also able to protect mobile devices from spyware and detective software that may be able to monitor and record all activities on the phone, including voice call, SMS, multimedia, and email messages. The software also protects the phone from viruses and malware infiltration. Tata Communications introduced a free trial of this program for 30 days.

Philips Xenium X650

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Philips Xenium X650

BERITA PONSEL - Philips mobile phone is no utmost, especially to Asia and Russia. Now present the slider mobile phone Philips Xenium X650, which is still with reliability durability battery, which can be able to standby for a month and up to 8 hours talktime. In addition, other advantages such as 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, and measuring 2.4 inch display, also features FM radio with RDS. Mobile phone Philips Xenium X650 is the design that appear smooth, support MP3 player with an additional microSD memory card, plus the wireless technology, and equipped with the access connection via Bluetooth A2DP, which can transmit stereo sound from a mobile phone. However, unfortunately, there is no doubt the price of Philips.

Main specification Philips Xenium X650 mobile phone:

* Network: GSM (900/1800/1900MHz), GPRS
* Display: TFT LCD type size of 2.4 ", 240x320 pixel resolution, color 262ribu color
* Camera: 3.2 megapixel autofocus plus
* Facility: FM radio, SMS / MMS / E-Mail, recorder, Java MIDP 2.0, Scheduler, Alarm clock, calculator, electronic dictionary, Currency Converter and values, Document Viewer, Photo Editor and Audio
* Memory: 30MB internal, microSD card slot and 8GB
* Connection: Bluetooth and miniUSB (USB 1.1)
Battery: up to 720 hours standby, up to 8 hours talktime
* Dimensions: 104.5X52X16.75mm
* Weight: 133.9g
* Music format: 64 tone polyphonic, MP3 player formats AMR, Midi, MP3, SP-Midi, AAC, WAV, AAC +, WMA

Prepare HTC Android HTC Smartphone Click

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BERITA PONSEL -Prepare HTC Android HTC Smartphone Click. Latest handset has been announced by HTC HTC smartphone to the existence of Click. According to the source site TinhTe Vietnamese, who said that HTC PDA Click this has akan Android operating system, although there is no way a complete specification of the HTC. Still from the same source, Click HTC mentioned that this form has a smaller than a pen, and camera equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone port.

Click HTC smartphone specifications:

* Network: GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* Data: GPRS / EDGE / HSDPA 1.8 Mbit / s / HSDPA 3.6 Mbit / s / HSDPA 7.2 Mbit / s, 3G
* Battery: Li - Ion
* Display: Type TFT, touchscreen features
* Features: MPEG4 video, MP3 music player
* Memory Slot: microSD / microSDHC
* Operating System: Android
* Connections: miniUSB, 802.11b/802.11g WiFi, Bluetooth
* Connector: headphone Jack (3.5mm)
* Other Features: Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes, Voice Recording, Speaker Phone, Email IMAP/POP3/SMTP, GPS

Hummingbird Samsung, Smartphone Processor

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BERITA PONSEL - Hummingbird Samsung, Smartphone Processor. Intrinsity and Samsung have worked together to prepare for the fastest processor that is intended for devices like the Apple iPhone. Processor chip developed by Samsung and Instrinsity based in Austin, Texas is the same as the processor in the iPhone 3GS, the ARM Cortex A8 processor 600MHz. Company to license ARM chip design sparing energy now have started to use by chip suppliers, including Samsung, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.

Fastest chip processor and Samsung's creation is given a name Intrinsity Hummingbird, which later can be applied in the iPhone or similar device. "Samsung to create a Hummingbird in S5PC100 with the design without any changes. Previously, the design is already in S5PC100 iPhone 3GS, and for the next edition of iPhone will have a clock speed up to 1GHz. "Said Tom R. Halfhill, senior analyst of the Microprocessor Report.

Halfhill added that Samsung will use the Hummingbird for smartphone of the future, especially for future Apple devices. One advantages of this chip Hummingbird is associated with the clock speed, something that is not supported in the design of ARM, where the ARM chip speak concerning power efficiency, not high performance.

"However, it has now changed, Design core mobile processor more focused on performance, high clock speed, and energy efficiency." Pillowslip Jae Cheol Son, vice president Soc Development Platform, from Samsung Electronics. Hummingbird In this chip, to obtain the 1GHz clock speed required 45nm manufacturing process, is smaller than the chip that uses the current 65nm process. The smaller, more rapid and more efficient use of energy. Hummingbird chip concept is possible to use the mobile application processor or main processor in the smartphone starting in 2013.

Samsung Gravity 2

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BERITA PONSEL - Samsung candy bar dengan slide out QWERTY keypad dan 3G support. Samsung Gravity 2 Mobile Phone 3G, T-Mobile melepas telepon di Amerika Serikat Agustus 2009. Ini adalah pesan telepon, dan mudah digunakan bersama dengan tombol besar 2.4 "layar membantu meningkatkan kenyamanan saat texting. Gravity2 adalah dasar telepon yang relatif sederhana dengan kamera 2MP, decent MP3 player, bluetooth, dan memori microSD dpt dikembangkan.

olahpesan kemampuan luar biasa, fitur ini bagus browser, RSS news reader dan satu set alat-alat manajemen informasi pribadi. Handset ini dilengkapi dengan antarmuka AOL, google mail, yahoo mail, dll cukup spacing diberikan antara tombol untuk mencegah multi-tombol yang ditekan pada saat yang sama. Lain pesan pilihan handset ini adalah "www. / .com" kunci yang membantu untuk memasukkan alamat web tanpa kerumitan.

Samsung telah menggunakan Wi-Fi pilihan handset ini. Samsung gravity 2 juga dikenal sebagai Samsung T469 Mobile Phone. 114 x 52 ini bx 15mm perangkat yang dilengkapi dengan waktu bicara hingga 5,5 jam dan waktu siaga dari 12 hari. Gravity2 bekerja pada ponsel UMTS Band IV yang dilaporkan hanya untuk digunakan di Amerika Serikat. Oleh karena itu ia adalah salah satu yang mengecewakan tidak dapat menggunakannya di seluruh Eropa. Samsung telah berhasil dalam user friendly keyboard tanpa membuat telepon jadi besar.

BlackBerry Curve 8520

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T-Mobile USA dan Rim kenalkan BlackBerry 8520 Curve

BERITA PONSEL - T-Mobile USA dan Research In Motion (Rim) mengumumkan smartphone BlackBerry 8520 Curve, BlackBerry Curve rangkaian Smartphone, dengan ketersediaan diharapkan pada 5 Agustus. BlackBerry Curve 8520 datang dalam warna hitam dan fitur yang sangat lengkap berkenaan dgn peraba-QWERTY keyboard nyaman, akurat mengetik. Ia juga tradisional trackball hapus dan diganti dengan sentuhan sensitif trackpad optik.

Selain email fitur BlackBerry, yang baru BlackBerry Curve 8520 yang juga dilengkapi dengan kamera 2 megapiksel, built in bluetooth, WiFi, dan microSDHC slot kartu memori 256MB built in. Bagi pengguna yang suka musik, melengkung 8520 dari 3,5 mm jack headphone dan pemutar musik di atas tombol pintas membiarkan anda menikmati mendengarkan musik dengan mudah.

BlackBerry 8520 Curve spesifikasi:

* Ukuran: 109 x 60 x 13,90 mm
* Berat: 106 g
* Memory: 256 MB flash memori internal
* Dapat diperluas Memory micro SD Hot swappable
* Baterai: 1150 mAh removable / rechargeable lithium cryptographic sel
* Battery Life: 4.5 jam bicara dan 17 hari siaga time12
* Navigasi Trackpad - Terletak di depan muka perangkat,
* Tampilan: 320 x 240 piksel layar warna, transmissive TFT LCD, mendukung lebih dari 65.536 warna 2,46 "
* Kamera: kamera 2 megapiksel
* Wi-Fi 802.11b / g diaktifkan
* Bluetooth Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* Port USB Micro
* Jaringan Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM / GPRS jaringan
* Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz EDGE jaringan

lg gd900

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BERITA PONSEL - lg gd900 crystalLast diperkenalkan di dunia pertama transparan telepon ke pasar bernama LG GD900 pada Mobile World Congress 2009 di Barcelona, Spanyol Feb tahun ini.

Kristal ini, kaca seperti telepon membuktikan bahwa gaya desain dapat dicapai tidak hanya dengan penggunaan warna-warna cerah, tetapi juga oleh handset dalam purest form. Mata menangkap telepon transparan sangat populer di kalangan masyarakat. Ini adalah ponsel geser, dengan jelas tombol yang illuminates yang berseri yang mencerminkan desain sleek telepon dan dipoles perak .

GD900 menggunakan S-Class 3D user interface, yang membuatnya berjalan dengan lancar pada perangkat. Tombol yang transparan adalah hal yang paling menarik telepon.

Tombol memungkinkan kontrol multi-touch dengan sikap . Multi-touch ini memungkinkan tombol cepat peluncuran berbagai aplikasi . Misalnya, jika Anda menulis W pada tombol ini akan menyebabkan browser Web untuk memulai. Untuk memperbesar atau memperkecil pada foto, Anda dapat mencubit dengan dua jari pada tombol.

LG-GD900 kristal memiliki ponsel yang didedikasikan untuk chipset grafis yang memutar multimedia dengan lancar dan memungkinkan kelancaran transisi antara fitur. Telepon yang dibangun di kamera 8 megapiksel.

Saat ini ponsel yang tersedia dalam warna kuning dan warna Titan. Telepon yang tersedia di beberapa negara di Asia dan Eropa . Beberapa spesifikasi telepon lg gd900 di bawah ini:

• Tampilan: 3 "16M warna TFT touchscreen capacitive dari WVGA resolusi, 480 x 800 pixel
• Kamera: kamera autofocus 8 megapiksel dengan LED flash, fokus manual, geotag, stabilisasi gambar, multi deteksi wajah (hingga 3) dan senyum deteksi
• Memory: 1.5GB memori penyimpanan hingga 32 GB
• Dimensi: 105 x 52,5 x 13,5 mm
• Berat: 127 g
• S-Kelas Touch UI
• TV-out port
• FM radio dengan RDS
• Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G dengan HSDPA
• DivX dan Xvid dukungan telepon lg gd900

Cellular operator PT Telekomunikasi Mobile Phones (Telkomsel)

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BERITA PONSEL - Cellular operator PT Telekomunikasi Mobile Phones (Telkomsel) has 92,936 outlets point service customers in Central Java and Yogyakarta (DIY), as an effort to more closely with customers and provide easy access to services.
General Manager Sales & Customer Service Telkomsel-Jateng DIY, Rooasman Koeshendarto, Sunday.

He said, the number of customer service outlets that may have increased again, along with the continuously increasing number of customers who now reach 76 million in National.

Telkomsel continue to work to bring easy access to customer service, one with the customer service outlets, particularly in the area of the potential, he said.
While the total number of outlets in the entire archipelago to reach 510,357 service points.

Along with the growing knowledge penggelaran Telkomsel network and services, he said, adding service outlets will provide many benefits. Among them a smooth increase communication between people, the attractiveness of investment, business opportunities and new employment opportunities, and accelerate economic and social growth.

As a service provider "mobile lifestyle" answer, he continued, Telkomsel currently serves more than 76 million customers or around 50 mobile phone users in Indonesia.

In addition, the word Roosman, Telkomsel is the first operator in Indonesia to launch 3G services in September 2006 and have the biggest 3G community with more than 10.6 million customers in over 150 cities.

Samsung Scarlet T649

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BERITA PONSEL - Samsung Scarlet , fitur telepon kurus , agak sedikit cahaya ke fitur. Spec melihat Bluetooth + EDR, sebuah kamera 2 megapiksel, quad-band GSM, dual-band WCDMA 1700/2100, pemutar MP3, dan slot kartu MicroSD. dilaporkan mendorong kembali untuk mengakomodasi Gravity dan 2. Berita baiknya kita mengira, adalah generasi muda sekarang akan mendapatkan beberapa 3G juga.

Ponsel Samsung R560

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Based on information obtained from the official Samsung site, R560 Vice, which will soon be marketed in the country of Canada, also appear to be accompanied with a trademark MetroPCS. A name of "Messager" also appears under the mobile phone shown in the image on the Samsung website. That product is similar to the Samsung R450 Messager who previously have been issued and has also been marketed by MetroPCS.

Phone this one on the official site terpampang Samsung. And this appeared to have a phone next to the slider with full QWERTY keyboard for messaging, and it is a numeric keypad with regularly arranged on the front.

Based on the information obtained, their own FCC has approved this product from Samsung. From the FCC's document stated that the Samsung R560 is equipped with CDMA tri-radio band. And of course this was in accordance with the wishes of the MetroPCS. It also has EVDO data capability, Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera.

Tips Ponsel Identification of Counterfeit Battery

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BERITA PONSEL - Tips Ponsel Identification of Counterfeit Battery.

Battery may have been many false circulating in the market. In fact, there is a battery made false seems original, ie with distempel with the original brand. Then if the seller does not often convince the buyer to purchase the counterfeit batteries that are similar to batteries. Counterfeit batteries have a weakness where the flow is not stable, you can make the battery more often nge-drop. Here are some tips so that the buyer does not terkecoh with counterfeit batteries:

Stop the
Non-original battery can provide the effect of slow performance and damage the device used, and may also have been exceeded so that the warranty is not valid anymore. Ori battery using Seal (Part of the tip of the boundary with the plug) of rubber. Mobile devices that are BM (Black Market) is usually the battery is not so impressed cheaper price.

Check the hologram on the battery
Angle the hologram image in the battery to the left, right, down and up, akan tertampil one, two, three and four-sphere or a dot (dots). When examined again, in a battery that is false, the label is sometimes placed in italics or not uniform. Can be examined also the spelling of text that is in hologram sticker and, as in a battery sometimes there is a false one type of spelling is not correct.

Check the hologram label logo
For example, for Nokia mobile phone, the user should see a hand that is almost brush (connecting hands) Nokia symbol from one angle and the Nokia Original Enhancements logo from another angle. On the counterfeit batteries, the label printing is not too good and a bit blurry. If rubbed by hand, then the text will be easily lost, because the paper prints of the label is made, not from the manufacturer authorized.

Check the seals on the battery pack
Batteries are mostly made in China. So often, the seller adds a seal made in China or KW-1 in the battery pack. Users can ask to the seller, whether the stamp is included with the product or printed later.

Check price
Usually battery false origin China and Taiwan sold cheaper than the original. However, do not terkecoh again and check the physical condition of the battery, because in order to persuade the buyer, the seller gives a price not far different from the original price of the battery.

Nexian NX-G990

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BERITA PONSEL - Nexian has released the NX-G990 is almost the same as the PDA. NX-G990 mobile phone does not have a keypad, and the screen is just below the Call button, 4 button navigation, and the End call button. Phone Nexian NX-G990 is indeed unique, with just the touch screen to its touchscreen, the display will show the virtual keypad. Just click on "Click" the number akan dituju, and then click Call icon or pressing Call button as usual. Screen NX-G990 is a unique look with a touch of glass casing and metal. Accents in the glass around the screen, looks like relieve and can be used as a glass mirror.

Other interesting facts that form bobotnya light and comfortable when held in hand. In addition to feature touchscreen, Nexian stylus also provides tools that are stored under the mobile phone body. Phone Nexian NX-G990 is also loaded with music, with the choice of catalog Byplay Single Catalog for player settings. Speaker is on the side of the body, on the left side of the camera, which is able to produce the sound loud and clear. Not have the volume keys on the outside, because the volume icon in the display. All applications are in sound control, and one facility 3.5m headset jack on the left side of the body. Meanwhile there is still 2MP camera with 1600x1200 pixel resolution on the right side of the body, without light, and there is a button to open the automatic camera. Meanwhile, vide recorder can record with a resolution of 352x288 pixels. For the microSD card in near the battery, the SIM card, and a mini USB port on the top, without cover.

When dikoneksikan with a PC, can use the phone as a place of storage, modem, or webcam. However, mobile phone Nexian NX-G990 will automatically restart and die, then the PC can see the phone as 2 drives, ie, in the internal memory and memory card from the phone.

Specification mobile Nexian NX-G990:

* Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* Form: Bars
* Dimensions: 105x53x13 mm
* Battery: Li-ion 3.7 V 880mAh
* Standby: 4 hours
* Talk time: 4 hours
* Screen: 2.5 ", TFT, 262 thousand color
* Internal Memory: 75MB
* Additional Memory: MicroSD
* Connection broker: mini USB, Bluetooth
* Internet Connection: GPRS
* Camera: 2MP
* Ringtones: Polyphonic
* Phonebook: 1000 entries
* Features a message: SMS (1000 entries), MMS, Chat
* Application: Camera, Image, Video Recorder, Video Player, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, Java, Games (MahJong, Five ball, Magicsushi), E-Book, Calendar, To Do List, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Unit Converter , Health, Stopwatch
* Price estimate: Rp. 2.2 million

Samsung SGH-T559

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BERITA PONSEL - Comeback Samsung SGH-T559 equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, T9 predictive input, auto and word completion, the Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA on Wednesday (22/07) and the mobile phone text-friendly newest. Comeback Samsung mobile phone, PDA design with the present, with the Pearl White color plum or cherry silver frost, a stylish mobile phone with the flip side combined with a unique QWERTY keyboard inside. Comeback Samsung phone has a screen size on the front measuring 1.0 inch PMOLED with 65.000 colors. While for the screen in berukurun plus 2.7-inch full QWERTY keyboard, 262,000 colors and 240x400 pixel resolution.

Comeback Samsung mobile phone (SGH-T559) is used to easily access email, text, images, video and instant messaging. While the 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and a network T-Mobile's 3G phone Samsung Comeback is also useful to take a good picture or image upload to social networking site users.

For networks that use Samsung's Comeback berdimensi length 4:33 inch wide x 2.2 inch x 0.73 inch thick this is a GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband). Other interesting features such as access to the full speed of 3G is very fast loading HTML in less than 20 seconds and upload and download video to YouTube without any problems. To record video, the phone can work in 2 pixel resolution of 320x240 and 176x144 pixels.

Samsung Comeback facility also features MP3 player, Flash Lite, GPS, and support for additional memory capacity of 16GB. However, unfortunately, Samsung has designed Comeback microSD card slot which is difficult, because it is under the battery, while the keyboard is also small enough size. Samsung Comeback This battery can also survive for long talk time up to 330 minutes or 5.5 hours and 12.5 days standby. Comeback Samsung phone (SGH-T559) dibandrol this price range with the $ 129.99 through T-Mobile.

LG GD910

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LG GD910 telepon datang ke beberapa negara eropa bulan depan, Samsung telah melangsingkan telepon S9110 yang memiliki ketebalan 11.98mm dibandingkan dengan ketebalan 13.9mm pada GD910. Kompatibel dengan jaringan GSM dualband (900/1900 MHZ) jaringan, maka Samsung S9110 memiliki 1,76 inci sentuh layar sentuh untuk masukan, dan bluetooth speakerphone. Menurut siaran pers, yang akan S9110 biaya sekitar € 450 ($ 639) ketika pertama kali diperkenalkan di Perancis bulan ini.

HTC Sense UI untuk OS Android

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BERITA PONSEL - Dengan yang baru HTC Sense UI untuk OS Android, HTC Hero kelihatannya Smartphone Android yang terbaik untuk saat ini. Check out the full review pada SlashGear oleh Chris.

Kembali di awal unboxing dan yang HTC Hero, kami tongue-in-cheek menyarankan agar dapat yang terbaik smartphone Android-to-date. Setelah menghabiskan banyak waktu dengan hal itu, yang sombong prediksi adalah cari sangat akurat. Android's adalah fleksibilitas, arguably, salah satu yang terbesar stumbling blok; dari kotak ada sedikit panduan untuk pemilik baru melalui platform kemampuan. Dengan memperkenalkan Sense Namun, HTC telah Hero segera bermanfaat, dan mereka telah melakukannya dengan tidak bare minimum app investasi namun dengan berbagai program yang menawarkan up-to-date fungsi seperti integrasi jaringan sosial.

Best of all, HTC's dedikasi untuk mengembangkan dan merawat Sense UI sebagai proses panjang menyeret daripada jangka pendek prettification latihan memberikan kita berharap bahwa beberapa kekurangan dan kelalaian saat ini kami sedang melihat di salah satu versi Hero akan disampaikan melalui waktu. Ada yg menenteramkan mengetahui bahwa tidak hanya merupakan Hero yang besar smartphone tetapi bahwa hanya kemungkinan untuk mendapatkan lebih baik sebagai HTC melanjutkan tweaks. It's safe to say that, dalam HTC Hero, Android telah datang dari umur

LG GW600 Windows Mobile smartphone, yang harus dilepaskan pada jaringan AT & T di US

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BERITA PONSEL - Terbaru persetujuan dari FCC adalah dokumen yang menyatakan LG GW600 Windows Mobile smartphone, yang harus dilepaskan pada jaringan AT & T di US sesuai dengan konsep manual. GW600 yang dilengkapi dengan kamera 3,1 megapiksel, built in WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth dan 20-tombol QWERTY keyboard. Desain candybar yang juga memiliki headphone jack dan slot kartu microSD untuk perluasan ruang penyimpanan. Daftar layanan AT & T akan pra-instal pada telepon, walaupun, GW600 ini belum diumumkan secara resmi oleh LG atau AT & T.

PT Indosat Tbk are the possibility of delisting (exit)

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BERITA PONSEL - PT Indosat Tbk are the possibility of delisting (exit) of the New York stock exchanges (New York Stock Exchange / NYSE). Step was done because the rules are strict authority exchanges and complicated, thus making emiten ..

Menneg BUMN Sofyan Djalil, in the Office of the Ministry of BUMN, Jakarta, Friday.

From the funding or the fee charged against the New York exchange emiten recorded there, Sofyan expressed, not a problem for companies of Indosat.

But that is often difficult from the technical and financial reporting should take some time. adjust the audit for the two different stock exchanges, namely NYSE and Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Currently, the amount of government ownership of shares in Indosat RI live 14.9 percent, but still has shares in the company's bi color who now occupied the majority of the Qatar Telecom.

Related steps in the NYSE delisting will also be made of PT Telkom, Sofyan said more reluctant.

However, according to a source in the Ministry of BUMN, Telkom is also being directed to Wall Street in the delisting. "We have to ask the management of Telkom to study it," said the source.

Telkom around 2003 also have done the study for not listed on the NYSE again.

The reason, besides cost of listing a large amount of delay is also often occurs in financial publications Bei.

Manufacturers Blackberry "Research in Motion / Rim"

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Manufacturers Blackberry "Research in Motion / Rim" will open the three branches simultaneously in three major cities in the upcoming August 26, because the government want the pressure to open a repair service in Indonesia, said the Chairman of the Community Indosat Blackberry East Java Bali Nusra, Joegianto, at Surabaya , Fri.

According to him, the three major cities designated "Rim" among Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Elections three big cities because they have a high market potential, rather than the market in other regions in Indonesia.

During this time, he explained, is actually a Blackberry products are already marketed in Indonesia's internal not prohibited by the government.

Senada with Joegianto, Head of East Java Bali Nusra Indosat, Mohammad Syamsulhadi Sucahyo, confess, is still marketing the product, even if the trading restrictions related aircraft Blackberry units of government.

In fact, he said, the government is forbidden to increase the market demand for that product. As a result, the supply of Blackberry during this difficult market to meet the desire.

He continue, "Rim" will be issued a special product for the middle to bottom, ie, approximately Rp2, 8 million per unit. Believes his side, the establishment of the repair facility will expand after-sales service capabilities Rim existing.

Telkom offer clips (Learn Direct Subscriber Identity)

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BERITA PONSEL - Telkom offer clips (Learn Direct Subscriber Identity) or Caller ID to prevent customers from fidgetiness terror or bomb threats through phone, said the General Maager Telkom Medan, Overlis, in Medan, Fri.

To get the facilities, eliminate the process aktifasinya Telkom, while the monthly subscription is considered relatively low or only Rp10.000.

He explains, with the facilities, the terror that the caller can be easily tracked because the caller's phone number to home phone can be identified easily.

Same with the phone service provider, he said, Telkom customers can also save special numbers for easy known.
Until mid 2009, customers who are registered users of the clip is 128,538 units of the phone.

Still in an effort to overcome the terror bombing of action, Telkom also offers other programs that Speedy Camera for customers who already have internet service Speedy Broadband Access.

Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh

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Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh provide tolerance Research In Motion (Rim) as perilis BlackBerry to seek after-sales service (service center) until August 26.

According to a former rector of ITS Surabaya, Peppermint Kominfo 29/2008 is that each telecommunications product must obtain certification.

Previously, the rim is only limited time until 16 July 2009, but the rim finally given tolerance to August 26, Rim even still allowed to bring BlackBerry types existing in Indonesia or the "existing."

This refers to the letter of notification from the rim to Depkominfo that companies based in Canada that will open the after-sales service in Indonesia on 26 August 2009.

Rim states will open a service center on 26 August 2009, because the need to further preparation, including training to labor and other preparation.

Nokia 5630 XpressMusic

Main Page

Nokia 5630 XpressMusic

BERITA PONSEL - Nokia 5630 XpressMusic yang keluar kuartal II 2009 desain candy bar dengan fitur unggulan musik, sebagai jack port audio 3,5mm terdapat fitur N-gage, networking Ovi share, widgets, nokia messanging dan windows live messanger. 5630 XpressMusic didukung data service HSDPA cat9 dengan kecepatan download sampai 10,2 Mbps dan HSUPA cat5 dengan kecepatan upload sampai 2Mbps, dengan fitur lain Wifi dan blue tooth.

Untuk koleksi lagu yang tidak tersedia, Nokia 5630 XpressMusic bersama Nokia Music store memberikan layanan untuk lagu-lagu yang akan dicari dalam database, dan layanan ini terdapat pada negara tertentu, dengan sistem operasi Symbian S60 membawa fitur hiburan lain seperti kamera 3,15MP dengan dukungan auto fokus dan led flash. Harga kisaran 200 Euro

Spesifikasi Nokia 5630 XpressMusic

Diperkenalkan Kuartal II 2009
Jaringan GSM 850-900-1800-1900 / 3G HSDPA 2100-900
Dimensi 112x46x12mm berat 83 gram
Nada dering polifonik 64 channel, MP3
Layar TFT 16 juta warna, 240x320 piksel, 2,2 inci, dedicated music
Memori phone book tak terbatas
Memori internal 150 mb shared ARM 11 600 Mhz CPU
Slot card Micro SD Trans Flash sampai 16GB
Konektivitas GPRS 32, HSDPA , HSCSD, Edge 32, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB micro
Sistem operasi Symbian OS S60 v.3.2
Browser Wap 2.0 xHTML, HTML
Olah pesan SMS, MMS, email
Kamera 3,15 MP, 2.048x1.536 piksel, auto fokus, flash, video, secondary VGA video call camera
Fitur lain Java, Stereo FM radio RDS, MP3, MP4, eAAC+, WMA, jack 3,5mm, Built in hand free, voice memo, T9
Baterai Li Ion 860 mAh, BL-4CT

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Nokia 5630 XpressMusic versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, konektivitas lengkap
- tenaga baterai kecil


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BERITA PONSEL - HT32 membawa fitur unggulan sebagai telepon TV dengan fitur Dual on GSM sebagai unggulan. Dengan media penyimpan eksternal yang besar, HT32 dapat mencapai 16 GB menggunakan micro SD sebagai memori tambahan. Kebutuhan browser yang menjadi trend dalam fitur ponsel disediakan HT32 dengan facebook, yahoo mail, google, dan fasilitas jelajah internet pada umumnya.

Spesifikasi HT32

Jaringan Dual on GSM
Dimensi 109,8x56,5x11,9mm
Layar 2 inci, 103x53x13,5mm
Slot card Micro SD sampai 16 GB
Kamera VGA
Fitur lain Black list, Facebook, yahoo mail, sound, TV, radio, nati theft, ebook reader, magic sound, yahoo mesanger,, built in handfree, T9
Baterai 1000 mAh

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan HT32 versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, konektivitas lengkap, layar besar
- resolusi warna hanya 65.000 warna

LG GM730

Main Page

LG GM730

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor LG electrik bulan Februari 2009 memperkenalkan LG GM730 dengan sistem operasi Windows Mobile dengan tebal 11,9 mm terdapat fitur canggih dalam GM730. Teknologi 3D S Class UI sama dengan yang terdapat dalam LG Arena juga fitur office dengan kemampuan mengolah dan mengedit Word, Excel, Power point, One note dan PDF viewer. BERITA PONSEL melihat browser yang digunakan dalam LG GM730 juga menggunakan internet explorer versi 6.0, dengan dukungan layar sentuh dan jaringan triband GSM 900-1800-1900 sudah sedia kemampuan 3 G HSDPA sampai 7,2 Mbps, HSUPA 2.0 dan Wifi sebagai konektivitas.

Untuk hiburan fitur kamera dengan 5 megapiksel resolusi 2.592x1.944 piksel telah ada dalam LG GM730, dimana infomasi yang diperoleh, lensa yang digunakan GM730 menggunakan Schneider Kreuznach produsen kamera asal Korea Selatan. Dengan slot ekstenal micro SD yang dapat ditambah sampai 16 GB.

Spesifikasi LG GM730

Diperkenalkan Februari 2009
Jaringan GSM 900-1800-1900
Dimensi 109,8x56,5x11,9mm
Nada dering polifonik 72 channel, MP3
Layar TFT resistive touch screen, 65.000 warna, 240x400 piksel, 3 inci
Slot card Micro SD sampai 16 GB
Konektivitas GPRS, HSDPA 7,2 Mbps, HSUPA 2.0 Mbps
Browser Wap 2.0 xHTML, HTML
Olah pesan SMS, MMS, email, Instant messanging
Kamera 5 MP, 2.592x1.944 piksel, auto fokus
Fitur lain FM radio, internet explorer 6.0, MP4, H.263, H.264 player, MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, Organizer, Pocket office Word, Excel, Power point, One note, PDF viewer, voice memo, built in handfree, T9
Baterai Li Ion 1000 mAh

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan LG GM730 versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, konektivitas lengkap, layar besar
- resolusi warna hanya 65.000 warna

K-Touch V320

Main Page

K-Touch V320

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor K-Touch mengeluarkan K-touch V320 bulan Juni 2009 dengan fitur yang tidak ketinggalan dengan telepon merk terkenal. Fitur unggulan yang dibawa adalah kemampuan TV dual on GSM dan telepon tipis dengan 12 mm, meski tipis fitur yang ada dalam K-touch V320 terdapat sensor gerak yang bila pengguna menggoyangkan telepon, akan membuat panggilan masuk dibuat mute - silent. Dalam tempo yang sama juga K-touch meluncurkan seri TVV310 dengan kemampuan TV dan dual on GSM mempunyai tebal 13mm.

Fitur hiburan lain yang ada dalam K-touch V320 antara lain kamera 2MP dengan dukungan digital zoom dan photo editor, masalah player musik juga tidak lupa vendor menyediakan media pemutar yang lengkap dalam berbagai media format seperti MP3, MP4, 3gp, WMA, AVI, AMR, WAV, AAC, AAC+.

Spesifikasi K-touch V320

Diperkenalkan Juni 2008 ,
Jaringan Dual on GSM 900-1800-1900
Dimensi 115x52,6x12,4mm berat 90 gram
Nada dering MP3, Midi polifonik
Layar TFT LCD 262.144 warna, 240x320 piksel, 2,4 inci, QVGA
Slot card Micro SD sampai 8 GB
Konektivitas GPRS, Bluetooth, USB
Browser sedia
Olah pesan SMS, MMS
Kamera 2 MP
Fitur lain Java, mobile qq fuction, MP3, MP4, 3gp, WMA, AVI, AMR, WAV, AAC, AAC+, call vibration, voice recording, text input prediksi, Sim tools kit, alarm clock, world clock, kalender, kalkulator, memo, caller filter, pc synx, photo album, photo editor, wallpaper, games

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan K-touch V320 versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, ponsel tipis, slot micro SD mendukung 8GB
- fitur dukungan serba tanggung

Sony Ericsson W595

Main Page

Sony Ericsson W595

BERITA PONSEL - Sony Ericsson W595 dengan kelebihan fitur musik keluar bulan September 2008, untuk dukungan musik pada W595 fitur yang tampil dalam ponsel ini terdapat speaker stereo, share jack stereo untuk berbagi musik menggunakan headset tambahan, aplikasi SenseMe sebagai pembuat daftar lagu yang sesuai suasana hati. W595 sebagai ponsel slider menggunakan layar 2,2 inci QVGA dengan tampilan warna 256.000 resolusi 240x320 piksel. Kelebihan Sony Ericsson W595 fitur kemampuan mengenali gerakan, untuk berpindah lagu berikut hanya menggerakkan telepon.

Dengan kamera 3,15 MP, W595 melakukan zoom digital sampai 2,5 kali dan sebagai perekam video tersedia dalam 4 warna active blue, cosmopolitan white, jungle grey, ruby black. Media penyimpan dengan 40mb sedikit kecil untuk menyimpan lagu-lagu, foto, dan video yang akan di simpan dalam ponsel, menjaga kurang media penyimpan data Sony menyediakan slot memori stik micro sebagai tambahan. Dan dukungan 3G disediakan dalam telepon ini dengan fasilitas browser internet yang cukup banyak.

Spesifikasi Sony Ericsson W595

Diperkenalkan September 2008 ,
Jaringan GSM 850/900-1800-1900/ 3G HSDPA2100
Dimensi 100x47x14mm berat 104 gram
Layar TFT 256.000 warna, 240x320 piksel, 2,2 inci
Nada dering Polifonik, MP3, AAC
Memori internal 40 mb
Slot card memori stick micro
Konektivitas GPRS 10, HSCSD, EDGE 10, 3G HSDPA 3,6 Mbps, Bluetooth 2.0 - A2DP, USB 2.0
Olah pesan SMS, EMS, MMS, email,
Browser WAP 2,0/xhtml, HTML Net front
Kamera 3,15 MP, 2.048x1.536 piksel, video QVGA 15 fps
Fitur lain Java MIDP 2.0, Walkman Player musik, FM radio RDS, Track ID, music recognition, shake control, SensMe, T9, Image viewer, Picture editor, organizer, built in hand free, voice memo
Baterai Li Ion
Harga Rp. 2.450.000

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Sony Ericsson W595 versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, jaringan lengkap,
- fitur dukungan kamera sedikit, tombol keypad sempit

Motorola ZN300

Main Page

Motorola ZN300

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor Amerika Serikat Motorola bulan Maret 2009 memperkenalkan Motorola ZN300 dengan desain slider quad band GSM membawa kamera 3,15 megapiksel. ZN300 didukung oleh kapasitas memori internal 8MB micro SDHC slot, layar QVGA, dan fasilitas lengkap olah pesan SMS, EMS, MMS, dan email. Motorola ZN300 salah satu seri Motozine Motorola dalam kelas telepon hiburan dengan dukungan format media lengkap seperti MP3, WMA, eAAC+, MPEG4, WMV, 3gp. Dengan jaringan quad band GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 sangat sayang ZN300 belum tersedia fitur 3G. Sebagai penganti untuk kemampuan konektivitas dan internet, Motorola ZN300 tidak meninggalkan fitur GPRS 10 dengan akses data 32 sampai 48 kilo per detik. Urusan browser internet disediakan WAP 2.0 - xHTML walau belum bisa sebagai RSS reader.

Mororola ZN300 pada bagian depan dimensi 95,6x46x15 mm dengan berat 103 gram memberi ruang yang cukup bagi mereka yang berjari lebar, sebagai tenaga saat mendengar hiburan , ZN300 menggunakan baterai Li Ion 940mAh yang dapat menyala sampai 400 jam dan waktu bicara sampai 7 jam.

Spesifikasi Motorola ZN300

Diperkenalkan Maret 2009,
Jaringan GSM 850/900-1800-1900
Dimensi 95,6x46x15mm berat 103 gram
Layar TFT 256.000 warna, 240x320 piksel
Nada dering Polifonik, MP3
Memori internal 8 gb
Slot card micro SD Trans flash sampai 16gb
Konektivitas GPRS 10, EDGE 10
Olah pesan SMS, EMS, MMS, email,
Browser WAP 2,0/xhtml
Kamera 3,15 MP, 2..048x1.536 piksel, flash
Fitur lain Java MIDP 2.0, Player musik and video, organizer, voice memo
Baterai Li Ion 940 mAh

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Motorola ZN300 versi BERITA PONSEL
+ Fitur lengkap sebagai media hiburan, jaringan lengkap, keypad mempunyai jarak lebar
- Belum 3G, kurang fitur Wifi, dukungan kamera sedikit

D-One SG 138

Main Page

D-One SG 138

BERITA PONSEL - Spesifikasi D-One SG138
Diperkenalkan April 2009
Jaringan Dual band GSM 900-1800
Layar warna 1,5 inci
Nada dering polifonik 16 channel
Olah pesan SMS
Fitur lain Walkie Talkie dengan D-One SG138 jarak maksimal 100 meter, radio FM, lampu senter, 100 sms, MP3, MP4, speaker handfree, games
Baterai Li Ion

Mito 2088

Main Page

Mito 2088

NEWS PHONE - Specification Mito 2088
GSM-CDMA/GSM-GSM Dual Network (GSM 900-1800/CDMA 800)
Dimensions 98.3 x43, 5x11, 8mm
Display 2.4 QVGA touch screen resolution of 128x160 pixels, 65 thousand color
64 polyphonic ring tones, midi, MP3
VGA camera
Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS 12, the USB 1.2 slot
The internal memory 761 kb
Micro SD card slot up to 2GB
Other features FM radio
Li Ion Battery 1300 mAh

Advantages and Disadvantages Mito 2088 version BERITA PONSEL
On Dual GSM + GSM-CDMA and GSM-, micro SD slot, long endurance battery, touch screen display
- The price is quite expensive, VGA camera

Lexus L81

Main Page

Lexus L81

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor Lexus Lexus L81 product issued in June 2009 with excellent features on dual-GSM - GSM equipped same features as multi-media support. Features that are not displayed as visible as the excellent and complement compared to the low-class mobile phone. NEWS PHONE Lexus specifications see some responsibility for the well-L81 is shown as superior features, such as digital cameras see the power of 0.3 MP and the support effect, scene modes and white balance. Internal storage media Lexus L81 3MB with tamban slot micro SD card up to 1GB Trans Flash.

Lexus Specifications L81
Introduced in June 2009,
Dual Network GSM - GSM
2.5-inch TFT screen
Poly ring tones, MP3
3mb internal memory
Slot micro SD card up to 1gb flash Trans
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB slot
Olah message SMS, MMS,
Android operating system OS 1.5
WAP browser, MMS, GPRS
0.3 MP camera, effect
Other media player features 3GP/MP3/MP4/WAV, calculator, currency converter, stop watch, e-book reader
Li Ion Battery 1300 mAh

Advantages and Disadvantages Lexus L81 version BERITA PONSEL
On Dual GSM + GSM-, micro SD slot for additional media, long battery stamina
- The price is quite expensive

HTC Hero

Main Page

HTC Hero

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor issued a smart phone HTC latest in June 2009 under the name HTC Hero, Smartphone with the latest operating system Android mobile phone platform that opens a Google developed. There are some names in the support system such as Android HTC, Motorola, Intel, who joined Qualcomm in the Open Handset Alliance includes among other features the excellent body of work teflon hold of and scratches on the casing, using a 528 Mhz processor, 288 MB ram and 512 Rome , HTC Hero has a screen large enough 3.2-inch touch screen facilities with excellence in the face of inter-facility Sense User Interface (UI), UI is a feature that allows facility users to perform personalized profiles, photos and use the phone with the features of the widgets.

The advantages that can be in the NEWS PHONE HTC Hero of the protected anti-fingerprint coating.

Specifications HTC Hero
Introduced in June 2009,
GSM network 850/900-1800-1900/3G HSDPA 900-2100
Dimensions 112x56, 2x14, 4mm weight 135 grams
TFT touch screen display 65 thousand colors, 320x480 pixels, 3.2 inches, sense of UI, multi-touch input, accelerometer sensor for rotate, Handwriting recognition, trackball
Poly ring tones, WAV, MP3
The internal memory 288 mb RAM, 512 ROM
Micro SD card slot Trans flash
Connectivity GPRS 10, EDGE 10, HSCSD 3G, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, A2DP, USB 2.0, HSUPA2MBPS, Wifi
Olah message SMS, MMS, email, Instant Messaging
Android operating system OS 1.5
Html browser
5 MP camera, 2.592x1.944 pixel, auto focus
Other features games, gps, java, digital compass, dedicated search key, a quick profile switch scenes, audio player, video player, voice memo
Li Ion Battery 1350 mAh

Advantages and Disadvantages HTC Hero version BERITA PONSEL
+ Network connectivity with the latest, there are advanced features, touch screen display
- Recommended only support auto focus camera, quite heavy

Nokia E72

Main Page

Nokia E72

BERITA PONSEL - Vendor Nokia in June 2009 launched a product series Nokia E72 with full QWERTY keypad for sure without professional facilities and a number of Instant Messanging office document features. Using the operating system Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 v 3.2 UI ARM 11 processors and 600 Mhz. Nokia E72 a few changes to some of the features of the Nokia E71 is another addition 850-900-1900-2100 HSDPA network and the changes to the audio jack 3.5 mm, 5 MP camera, 250mb internal memory, up to 16gb memory ekternal, in the previous series E71 there are only 900-2100 HSDPA networks and 2.5 mm audio jack. 3.15 MP camera, 110mb internal memory, external memory 8gb, processor ARM 11 369.

Nokia E72 Specifications
Introduced in June 2009,
GSM network 850/900-1800-1900/3G HSDPA 900-2100
Dimensions 114x58x10mm weight 128 grams
TFT display 16 million colors, 320x240 pixels, 2.36 inches
Poly ring tones, monoponik, MP3
The internal memory 250 mb
Slot micro SD card up to 16gb flash Trans hotswap
Connectivity GPRS 32, EDGE 32, 3G HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, A2DP, USB 2.0, HSUPA2MBPS, Wifi
Olah message SMS, MMS, email, Instant Messaging
Symbian OS 9.3 S60 UI V 3.2
Browser WAP 2.0 / xhtml, html
5 MP camera, 2.592x1.944 pixel, auto focus, flash led
Other features music player, document editor, digital compass, flash lite, push to talk, voice command / dial, organizer, printing, GPS, Java
Li Ion Battery 1500 mAh

Advantages and Disadvantages Nokia E72 version BERITA PONSEL
+ Network connectivity with the latest, there are advanced features that almost all available
- The camera features a little support, a camera without protective cap


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