LEXUS 8998

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Specifications LEXUS 8998

* Dual On GSM-GSM
* TV Phone Recorder
* Moving Function
* FM Radio Recording
* Camera Digital
* LCD Touch Screen 3"
* Bluetooth A2DP
* Call Recording
* USB Connection
* MP3 Music Player
* MP3 Music Ringtone
* MP4 Video Player
* 3D Surround Speaker
* Free Memory 1 Giga

Price : Rp. 1.250.000

Lexus Mobile released a mobile TV network technologies supported on GSM Dual-GSM 8998 Lexus series.

This phone design fairly fat, with the construction of the rod (candybar). There's no keypad on the surface structure of the body. So, to access the menu and features in it, relying on 8998 Lexus touch screen (touchscreen) the size of 3.0 inches. Transmit power type TFT 262,144 color. However, to enter into a menu favorite, this phone brings the existing shortcut panel in the top D-pad. Say, a button to activate the Analog TV features in the bottom row. There are also two quick access buttons to the use of two different operators SIM cards. Yes, this is the second seed who try will find the Lexus 8998. On the side of the body, only the volume keys. Meanwhile, at the bottom is the charger port and data cable. Bodi back of the phone bercasing metal and plastic mixture is decorated cone speakers, camera lens and mirror.

Switch to the inside. 8998 Lexus same interface as the other Chinese mobile phone, such as i800/i700 IMO. Range default menus are arranged in a grid model. Quite attractive menu icons, the game is pretty bold colors. However, the default theme 8998 Lexus thick graded shades of black and grayish white, this would make 8998 the Lexus display looks elegant.

Interestingly, the shift in the selection menu on the phone fairly unique. Displays can be made in several models. Can be in the form of slides, 3D box, Rotate, Flow, Turn, Curve and Twist. Pohoknya quite attractive, and not boring. Longer term, the position of the menu icons on the surface of the LCD can be removable at will, simply by using stylush or fingertips. Without having to go into the settings menu first.

Unfortunately, this view is not maintained up to the sub menu bagia. There, a typical structure of China's re-presented, namely the tiny sub menu in the model berikon list. Naturally, the typical software and hardware that invested mostly identical. So, no wonder if the average Chinese mobile phone on the market have the same interface characteristics, including the 8998 Lexus. As noted earlier, the 8998 Lexus phones were analog TV. This feature can be accessed directly from the main menu, or through the shortcut that is in range of the D-pad. About performance, the ability of Tunner TV chipset embedded in the 8998 Lexus is still far less than the property HiTech Mobile (HT Mobile now-ed). Broadcast frequency perception of some TV stations recorded less masksimal, even that can not be netted at all. In fact, 8998 has been alerting the Lexus special antenna that can pull them off like an indoor TV antenna or radio cassette. This antenna also functions as a pen skaligus stylush.

In the comfort of watching broadcast TV, analog TV viewing on this phone supports landscape and portrait mode (full screen and half screen). Other shortcomings, there is no kickstand. However, one plus point for the 8998 Lexus obtain this feature. The reason, analog TV on this phone has prepared a broadcast recording capability (recording TV) in avi format. Actually, this technology is no longer a luxury features. In fact, several other local brands have been carried for a long time. This is what makes the Lexus was impressed, too.

Dual network supported on 8998 Lexus, nothing special. Same ability as other On Dual phone, which can operate in two different networks simultaneously. Network was also the same, GSM-GSM. Including the true capabilities of a SIM card operator, can only be operated by the main SIM card (the master). Call it to enjoy the internet via GPRS channels and a standard WAP browser. In fact, when trying to communicate through the main card, the card could not be reached was the alias only provide a busy signal. Unlike true On Dual technology, which can still be reached but by giving a warning tone first, and also provides the option to answer or to reject it.

Now turn to the means of entertainment. Here, the 8998 Lexus offers a fairly diverse selection. There's a camera, music player / video, FM radio and games. For the camera, this phone is only instill a maximum VGA resolution 640 × 480 pixels. Interface and setting the standard enhancements too. Results photograph was not much different than the VGA camera phone the other Chinese. Meanwhile, for the ability to record video, the camera can make a 8998 Lexus movie clips avi format with a resolution of 176 × 144 pixels, the speed of 2 frames per second.

For the music player / video, has prepared a 8998 Lexus innate player with a simple display and can only inform the file name of the clips played, and the duration online.blh. Without the ability to present data album art. File format that can be displayed, for among other music MP3, AAC, WAV and AMR. As for video, can be avi, mp4 and 3gp.

Internal antenna in the presence of this phone, easy to activate the FM radio feature. You do not have to bother plugging in the handsfree as other branded phones. To grasp glombang radio, well recorded. In fact, you can use the facilities 'records' provided this phone to record the news. One again, Lexus also provides the facility 8998 'Schedule FM Recording' that can record a particular broadcast time and date based on predetermined, including it as an alarm.

File storage business, has prepared a 8998 Lexus external space through a microSD slot that support up to 2GB. And in the sales package, the distributor has 1GB of memory inserted. Meanwhile, for internal provided only to run the main system phone with a fairly minimal capacity.

In connection sector, has prepared a 8998 Lexus that supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile, and can be used to send chant songs wirelessly to devices compatible Bluetooth headset. There is also a data cable that can menjadilan this phone as mass storage flash alias via microSD card slot.

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