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BERITA PONSEL - How it Works autofocus camera

Autofocus is that many of the features found in modern cameras today and also has become the latest mobile phone standards for the middle class to the bag. Autofocus aims to improve the quality of images captured with the camera.

The same autofocus ability to focus on the object to run a miniature motor to make the lens becomes more focused on the picture to be taken. The process of making the focus of this work by making the camera lens moves forward or backward to menyesuaiakan also become sharper images when it comes to the film layer.

In the modern camera autofocus feature is a feature to capture images automatically becomes easy. Features that contains:
- Automatic film advance
- Automatic Flash
- Automatic Exposure

In the autofocus version has two autofocus system called active and passive autofocus. General inexpensive cameras use an active autofocus, as well as vice versa for an expensive camera like a SLR - Single Lens Reflex camera with a passive system.

Active autofocus

In 1986, the Company Polaroid Corporation using sonar - sound navigation ranging commonly used in water in a submarine to see objects in front of the release sound waves. Emitter Polaroid camera using high frequency ultrasound and waited to hear the echo is returned. For example SX-70 camera can be counting the amount of time used to estimate accurately the position of the lens. Besides the advantages possessed by this active system also has shortcomings. We have been using infrared signals better than the sound waves, the excess of inflared is the ability to take pictures up to 6 feet distance or more, the lack of inflared system is to capture images that are not solid like a candle light. Another advantage of the infrared active autofocus is reliability work in light of the lack of flash makes it easier to respond quickly.

Passive autofocus

Namely the determination of the distance to the destination image subjects through computer analysis, with typical autofocus sensor using CCD - devide change coupled input to the pattern set so that the calculation algorithm of the image contrast.

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