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We have seen many a leak come from different sources, but this one is special. Seems like Sony Ericsson has unwittingly revealed a new cell phone in their ad campaign promoting the MS500 wireless speaker and guess what it’s called? Another lady-like name just as the previous codenames we have heard for most unreleased Sony Ericsson handsets of course, and this one is called Twiggy. We don’t have much to go on now except for an indication that the Twiggy is to be the successor for the already available W350 Walkman phone, but something tells us we’ll know more about it before the month is up and if that happens, MW will keep you posted.

Meet the new Walkman handset – Twiggy. Twiggy is a thin Walkman phone for 2009 year and it is successor of well-know Walkman flip-phone W350. Twiggy has same as W350 flip design, but features are more high: 240×320 screen, Walkman player 3.0, 3.2-Mp camera. If W350 has 4 colours, Twiggy has only 2 colours. Main colour – black with green parts. Twiggy will be released at the beginning of Q2, 2009. Sony Ericsson planning, that Twiggy will be most popular handset in 2009. By the way, 2009 is year of Walkman phones.

Back in October last year, the Sony Ericsson Twiggy was spotted for the first time in the wild, and now it seems that the mobile phone has once again surfaced to the Web, this time in an official photo that came around along with the launch of the new Sony Ericsson MS500 Outdoor Speaker.

The Sony Ericsson Twiggy mobile phone is reported to come as a new addition to the company's Walkman lineup, yet not just any such device, but the follower of the unique clamshell W350 that was announced at the beginning of last year. As the successor of W350, the new Twiggy is reported to be one of the most popular devices released by the mobile phone maker this year.

For what it's worth, the new Walkman handset might see a lot of traction from users in case it is released to the market at the beginning of the second quarter of the year, as the news suggested. It seems that the new Twiggy handset should come to the market featuring two colors, the main one being black with green touches.

As the successor of the Walkman flip-phone W350, the Sony Ericsson Twiggy should also bear a flip design, but include higher features, such as a display capable of delivering a 240 x 320 pixel resolution, or a Walkman player 3.0. In addition, the device should also sport a 3.2-megapixel photo snapper.

If the new Sony Ericsson Twiggy phone is to be released on the market in early second quarter, we should soon be able to learn some more info on it. Hopefully, it will indeed prove to be a great Walkman handset and it will become the popular device it is expected to turn into. Stay tuned to learn more details as they surface.

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