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On the role of government should be in Indosat. Chairman of the Alumni Association, University of Indonesia (Iluni) Jakarta, Marwan Batubara, asking the government more actively involved in the telecommunication company PT Indosat, so that it can provide greater benefits to the state.

Marwan in Jakarta on Monday, in relation to information tertulisnya Indosat akan done AGM on 11 June 2009, also ask the government play an active role to optimize capital and operating expenditure for the national interests of the company and products in the country.

Besides placing people of Indonesia, including former employees of Indosat, the position of director / trustee Indosat replace all those foreigners.

As known, the shares while Indosat is QTel 65 percent, 14.2 percent of the Government of Indonesia and in the public / overseas 20.8 percent.

Marwan said, Iluni Jakarta, very concerned about the attitudes of various stakeholders do not seem to secure the optimal interest of the country, including in tax revenues, placement directors and highest in the country Indosat shares.

He explains, with the price of shares in Indosat Bei this time around Rp5.500 perlembar and number of shares outstanding as of 5 billion, the value of the company at this time is around Rp27, 5 billion.

If the number of shares 14.2 percent of the government of Indonesia, the value of property in the State is around Rp3 Indosat, 9 trillion. "For us, the value of this stock must obtain the optimal level of return for the country," he said.

Based on calculations from the 2008 annual report issued Indosat (www.indosat.com), indicates at least two things, namely tax revenues for the state to decline very significantly and the receipt of dividend for the country's 14.2 percent ownership share in Indosat also decreased significantly.

"We realize that the state or government is no longer a subject of control in Indosat. Kendali company is in the hands of foreigners, from the previous Temasek now and switch to QTel. However, we question the government's attitude about this decline and request that corrective measures and antisipatif taken immediately, "he said.

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