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Although not too many users than the mobile phone can, but the business in the era of the Blackberry-based multimedia technology is considered much more promising.

"Blackberry User already reaching the students and students who are many in number. They also want the convenience of internet access at any time. This course provides opportunities for a larger business," said Isra Ruddin pyramid of PT Telekom in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

Division Head Integrated Marketing Communication & Relations Pablic company official distributor Blackberry sales in Indonesia was also reasoned that the "handset" means of communication has become all the needs, so that the turnover will continue to increase sales.

"BB price of more expensive, averaging around less than Rp5 million - Rp6 million, although not how omsetnya course also provides the advantage of more than ordinary mobile phone with a price hundreds of thousands of one-to two million. Now there is this tendency to buy select the BB rather than mobile phones until at Rp2 million, "he said.

On the turnover of sales, according to the Isra Ruddin, in Denpasar, just a month to reach 1500 units or an average of 50 units per day BB. While the market potential sale of BB not only cities in Java, but also have penetrated almost all other major cities.

Based on market trends that are growing, PT Telekom to open the pyramid Blackberry Road in the City Teuku Umar Denpasar, after the launch at ITC Kuningan, Jakarta and Surabaya WTC.

According to CEO pyramid PT Telekom, Kevin Samuel, his side will continue to do expansion to other cities according to the market, so that it can be easier and approach to customer service, both to upgrade software, service center, or the sale of accessories.

While the SPV Outlet Sales & Operating Telkomsel Bali Nusra, Achdiat Suryana, also acknowledge that the active user access in the BB company continue soaring, that is, only in Bali during the January-May 2009 increased by 400 percent, from 700 to about 3,000 active users.

"Looking at the trend that will continue to grow, we ensure that the business will be one of the largest sources of income. Moreover, all the BB as the need to support the needs of work, relationships and lifestyle," he said.

President Director PT Dutadharma Komunikatama, Ir Setiaji regulation, a distributor of mobile vouchers in Denpasar, said that since the era of the BB, the turnover tends to be flat sales company, with profits declining.

"Shopping tends to cellular phone communication go down, because each mobile operator to sell race-race fare sparingly. Pulsa sparingly to give the duration of the talk longer, so the purpose of communication continue to go down," he said while recognizing the trend of consumers switching to the BB access subscription .

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