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SPEEDY with telkom product is a product of the Internet access service end-to-end from PT. Telkom with the base technology Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), which can deliver voice and data simultaneously through a single phone line with the normal speed of dijaminkan according to the package of services to be launched from the modem Bras (Broadband Remote Access Server). ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line), is a modem technology that works at a frequency between 34 kHz to 1104 kHz.

This is the main difference between the data transfer speed ADSL modem with a conventional modem (which works on a frequency below 4 kHz).

Benefits of ADSL is the ability to provide high-speed Internet access and voice / fax simultaneously.

Downstream flow speed is when the customer data to download with a maximum speed of up to ADSL Connection Speednya (384/512 Kbps).

While Upstream speed is the flow of data when the customer with a maximum upload speed of up to 64 Kbps.

To subscribe Speedy, condition quite easily. It's one thing principle, if you want to subscribe Speedy, ie, potential customers do not have arrears of payment and billing Speedy telephone or facsimile on the same installation address, either on behalf of themselves and on behalf of the People Personal / Company / Agency / Institution, or any name as pengontrak / or tenants and users and / or where he lived at the address where the facility is registered Speedy.

How to Select the ADSL Modem
1. What modem is used for some of the PC or just one PC? If enough for a PC modem with 1 port or 1 USB and ethernet port, but if you want to use for some of the PC modem that can be used with some ethernet port (works as a hub).

2. Use a modem compatible with the operating system from your PC such as Windows or Linux. From experience in the field, there are several types of USB modem that is not compatible with Windows 98 or Windows 2000.

3. If you have sufficient funds it is better to use a modem that has the ability through the web because the settings can be operated with various types of operating system and browser, and easy in operation.

How To Re-Setting
1. Make ADSL modem configuration via web-based application provided by the manufacturer. If less clear vendor / store where you buy the modem.

2. See if there is a change in the user & password Speedynya. If not, follow steps to-3.

3. If your PC infected with a virus, get rid of virusnya first.

4. Speedy connections to do with the user & password to enter.

5. Rebooting your PC, make sure that the LAN card has been detected with the Network Connection icon appear in the lower right corner.


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