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Nokia N93i is made with the cover ignites the screen with additional material can be used as mirror glass design, and even thinner. Nokia N93i on the screen outside the phone is able to function as a sail two (dual LCD) with a time information, battery power, signal strength, and also the incoming message.

Nokia N93i to have any part in the display 16 million colors TFT beresolusi 240 x 320 pixels, or measuring 36 x 48 mm on the outside of the screen berteknologi OLED with 65 thousand colors.

Covernya which also functions as the screen can be opened and played up to 90 degrees even at 90 degrees down again until the screen with the keyboard tampilah a mini-communicator device. When the folder half opened, and then turn 90 degrees - with the screen facing us - then the camera automatically stand by.

Nokia N93i has a button on the keypad board ketiknya large with limited fiber-fiber rubber so that arose about 0.5 mm. Big button on the Nokia N93i to make easy to do good pengetikan sms or phone number. Position the speakers right in the bottom row on the keyboard when the cover open while watching video clips, listening to music, video or voice call joyful sound clear and focused.

KEY Connections
Nokia N93i has many of the key functions of each. Power button is located on the top of the body of the phone when the folder is closed. At the top right there SHUTTER button to record the images or video images. While there are more underneath the navigation buttons to select the function menu setting when we operate the camera. This is a very key position to participate in and help correct the image and video quality. But this button also turns out to work as a key regulator during the four-way in the open folder. Indeed, somewhat less convenient because it already provides the key pabrikannya the four main directions in the range keypadnya.

Two buttons at the bottom is the key to move the camera into a video function. While the button to turn on the lights to flash alias at the lower again. We can turn on the lights in a long time by pressing and holding this button. It may be in addition to its function as a flash, can also serve as a flashlight when we need enlightenment extinction occurs when electricity. Well, at the lower memory slot again have to overcome the memory limitations when still considered insufficient.

N93i provided with the Symbian operating system version 9.1 and view the latest interface symbian series 60 3rd edition. Boosted by the internal memory plus 50 MB additional memory slot Mini SD diversiform additional capacity with up to 2 Gigabyt, all is not much different with the N93. Facilities hot swap memory makes it easy to open and we re-install the memory without a need to remove the battery.

3.2 megapixel camera is strengthened with the support of various lenses carl zeiss vario tessar which is often used by astronauts to perpetuate the object in the month. Ability has been particularly powerful in the series of N90, N91, and N93. Pabrikannya also include a layer of glass in this lens to secure the lens from scratches, sharp objects, scratches that cause terganggunya time shot.

We can produce the maximum with the digital camera. Stock optical zoom up to 3 times, the autofocus, plus additional lighting torch to make the picture quality good. We can also photograph themselves with a timer to activate the menu with several options SHUTTER namely 2, 10, and 20 seconds. After the zero object then we are in the selection of photos which will be in store. A false suggestion, there is a good idea to store them in memory to an external alias. This is to avoid the performance of a mobile phone because lemot free memory on the phone a little more.

This is the security features of this series. N93i can be used to record video for 30 frames per second, VGA-quality results. In the image that can reach more than 1 hour (depending on memory availability), we can maximize the quality by using some of the features and support. Adding lighting to the light flash is that you can always turn on, perbesaran image / zoom to 8 times, the color quality and sharpness of images can be done simultaneously. At least we can throw handycam travel far if you want. Because the ability does not lose much with the handycam. Although the quality was not compared between the two.

Appropriate name of this menu. Office in the folder options, there are some applications that can help kantoran employment office. There Quickoffice (Quickword, quicksheet, and Quickpoint), adobe pdf, dictionary, zip, and barcode. Unfortunately the function is limited only to Quickoffice for viewing only. There is no menu new document to start a new file.

Spesifikation Nokia N93i

Announcement Date 08 January 2007
Dimension 108 x 58 x 25 mm
Weight 163 g
Internal Antenna
Operating Band GSM (900, 1800, 1900), UMTS (2100)
Network Data Support CSD, GPRS Class 10, EDGE (EGPRS), HSCSD, WCDMA (UMTS)
Primary Screen Size 240 x 320 pixels
Primary Screen Type TFT
Primary Color Screen 16,777,216 color (24 bits)
Secondary Screen Size 128 x 36 pixels
Secondary Screen Type TFT
Secondary Screen Color 65.536 color (16 bits)
User Interface
Keypad / Keyboard Alpha Numeric (0-9)
Touch screen (stylus) No
Speaker Phone Yes
Messaging Support SMS, EMS, MMS
Camera 3.2 MP (2048 x 1536 pixels)
Vibration Yes
Sound Support Polyphonic 64 Tones
Radio Yes
Memory and Battery
Internal Memory 50 MB
MiniSD External Memory Type
Battery Type Li-Ion
Infra Red Yes
Bluetooth v2.0
WiFi 802.11b / g
USB Data Cable
Operating System Symbian v.9.1
V.2.x WAP browser, XHTML, HTML
Java Support MIDP v.2.0

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