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No loot effect iPhone BlackBerry Market

After a while didomonasi types of BlackBerry devices, telecommunications market high-end in Jakarta diramaikan now with the emergence of iPhone.
[Not Pengaruhi loot iPhone market BlackBerry.] AFTER a very long time didomonasi types of BlackBerry devices, telecommunications market high-end in Jakarta diramaikan now with the emergence of iPhone.

Market survey in Mal Taman Angrek, Tuesday (7 / 4), proves that peranti produced by IT companies Apple is in the entry 10 of the most attractive mobile phone, Blackberry heel.

"Zaman indeed has changed. The needs of mobile phone with push email which is a more accurate claim.

The only phone that can compete outside of BlackBerry significantly only iPhone, "said Andi suvervisor from Clebz to a mobile phone.

"Last week we sold in the outlet unit 5. Is still far below the 900 Bold Balckberry that can be sold 50 units in seminggunya.

Also still far below the Javelin 8900 of 15 units per week. However, this figure almost equal sales of BlackBerry Curve 7 units, "Andi go.

In fact, among peminat BlackBerry own shift has occurred. Now this type of Curve slowly began to fall behind. The middle to the top seems to switch to Bold and Javelin.

"At our place, outside 900 Bold and Javelin 8900 sold 10 units per week, can only disaingi PDA phone Toch HD type of 3 units per week," said Franki's Studio Gadget.

Domination Javelin Bold 9000 and 8900 also occurred in the Mobile Phones Shop outlets. According to Andri Irawan, one of the sales staff, an average of 10 units sold per day for both species in this sepekan last.

Far below is the 8320 series of 2 units per day. "Ponsel another group of high-end Nokia E71 is quite a significant amount in the sale, the unit can be 1 day," said Andri.

BlackBerry buyers come from the old and young. However, the most dominant young adults.

Among them there are a number of celebrities. "Cynthia Maramis been buying a series such as Bold in our outlets," added Andri.

Mid-market mobile phone end relatively evenly. Nokia 5800 Express and Motorola V-8 is an attractive phone.

In Mal Taman Anggrek, Nokia and Sony Ericsson is only superior in gerainya respectively. Outlets in the more neutral it seems they must recognize the benefits of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry dominance
When exploring famous shopping center in Jakarta, the phone thinks the team will have a little shift in the market after the iPhone's presence in the land of water since the end of March ago.

Apparently not. The existence of a mobile phone manufacturer, Apple is not making BlackBerry abandoned. BlackBerry still the idol among the buyers in ITC Roxy Mas.

This can be concluded from the three sources that the team found a mobile phone. Meanwhile, for middle-class mobile phone alias below Rp 2 million, still fall to your Nokia 5130 XPRESSMUSIC, mobile music from the Finnish vendor.

Although the list of mobile phone demand is dominated Nokia, BlackBerry, and Sony Ericsson, but there is one type of phone that is now being digandrungi: South Korea mobile home with the latest touch screen. Yes, the LG KP500 also known as the Cookie into focus.

The reason is very simple, LG Cookie is very attractive because the price is quite affordable for those who want to appear stylish.

With the money of Rp 2.6 million you can get a full touch screen mobile phone that has the features of the present tercanggih.

"Those looking for a full touch screen mobile phone, must ask Cookie," said Ahmad, one of the guard kiosk on Voda Phone ITC Roxy Mas.

Dipatok price is far enough from saingannya, Nokia 5800 or Samsung omnia, very decoy customers.

"If LG, surely Cookies" said Sari, one of the staff at the vendor stalls when asked World Cellular phone that LG terlaris.

Asked without any brand, Fitri, Sala one employee kiosk H2 Cellular Cookies also said most of the 5 mobile phone demand, another Nokia.

Same thing happened in the Mall Ambasador, according to the Blackberry mobile phone is still the smartphone market.

Although the iPhone has been present, according to a sales representative in Mal Ambasador, not a threat because the relatively still quite hard to find.

In addition, the Nokia and Sony Ericsson still dominate in almost all classes of mobile phones on the market.

Mega Mall in Jakarta, which is one barometer mobile phone sales in the city of Bekasi, on several mobile phone shops in the shopping center, the mobile phone to find the facts that have not been going to different types and variants are searching customers.

In addition, mobile phone sales in the shops is declining. According to some vendors in the mobile phone kiosks found, it caused the price increase of mobile phone.

Compared with the ITC Cempaka Mas, mobile phone prices in the Mega Mall Bekasi can be more expensive Rp 100-200 ribu.

"That is why visitors choose to buy in Cempaka Mas," said Rina's shop Mega Cell. irv / nis / drs

Mid End Low End High End

1. Nokia 2630 Nokia 5130 Nokia 5800
2. Nokia 1508 Nokia 3120 Nokia E71
3. Nokia 2600 Classic Nokia 6300 BlackBerry Bold 9000
4. Nokia 5000 Nokia 3110 Nokia E63
5. Nokia 1208 Sony Ericsson G502 Nokia 3600 Slide
6. Nokia 1650 Classic Nokia 6500 BlackBerry Javelin 8900
7. Nokia 5310 Motorola W230 Sony Ericsson W910
8. Nokia 2626 Nokia 6120 Samsung i780
9. Sony Ericsson R306 Nokia 7210 LG KP500 Cookie
10. E2510 LG KS360 Samsung Sony Ericsson W960

Under Rp 1 Rp Million Above 1 Million
1. Vitell 212 K-Touch DT08
2. One D-108 K-Touch DT28
3. K-Touch 5118 Tiger KF333
4. My My G 300 G 820
5. One D-128 to G 918
6. G-Star 368 Tiger KF828
7. Beyond B530 D-One DG278
8. HiTech M11 HT 65
9. Taxco TX60 Mito 528
10. Startech ST33 K-Touch D780

Studio Cledz Gadgets Mobile Phones Shop
1. BlackBerry Bold 9000 BlackBerry Bold 9000 BlackBerry Bold 9000
2. BlackBerry Javelin 8900 BlackBerry Javelin 8900 BlackBerry Javelin 8900
3. Touch HD BlackBerry Curve 8320 Motorola V-8
4. BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry Curve 8310 BlackBerry Curve 8320
5. IPhone BlackBerry Curve 8320 Nokia E71
6. - BlackBerry Storm --
7. - Nokia E71 --
8. - Nokia E90 --
9. - Nokia E63 --

Mid End High End Low End
1. Nokia N73 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5000
2. Nokia E71 Nokia 6300 Nokia 3110
3. Nokia E63 Nokia 6120 Nokia 2630 Classics
4. 5800Xpress Nokia Music Nokia 5320 Xpress Music Nokia 2600 Classics
5. Nokia N78 Nokia 7610 Nokia 3120 Supernova Classsics
6. Nokia N81 LG KT610 Samsung M 3510
7. BlackBerry Bold Sony Ericsson W890i Sony Ericsson W302
8. Sony Ericsson W960i Sony Ericsson W760i Sony Ericsson W350i
9. BlakBerry 8310 Sony Ericsson K810i Sony Ericsson F305
10. LG KP500 Cookie Sony Ericsson W910i LG KP320

10 Ponsel Local Brand
1. Taxco TX 81
2. Taxco TX 60
3. Taxco TX 61
4. Taxco DM79
5. Tiger X-138
6. I-mobile 200
7. I-mobile i68
8. K-Touch V908
9. HT 65
10. Tiger KF138


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